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Finding Alice episode 2: the real question we should be asking about Alice and Harry

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Let’s take a look at what happened in the second episode of ITV’s new comedy-drama, Finding Alice.

Last week, the first episode of ITV’s Finding Alice quickly taught us to never judge how a person grieves. 

For Alice (played by Keeley Hawes) grieving her husband, Harry, involved lots of dark jokes, quite a few bottles of white wine and the occasional big cry. Her way of dealing with things was questioned by her parents, Harry’s parents, the police and her own daughter. 

But as well as navigating the premature death of her husband, she was faced with the mess he’d left behind…

This mess included the discovery that Harry had inexplicably signed his family’s new “smart” house over to his parents without telling Alice. It became clear that he had some major financial issues. Charlotte, their daughter, also found a letter from a fertility centre in Harry’s belongings. Oh and a man claiming to be Harry’s long lost son turned on Alice’s doorstep. 

As well as all of this, Alice still wasn’t 100% certain how Harry actually died. It’s assumed he fell down the stairs that his body was found at the bottom of, but Alice discovered CCTV footage that showed somebody was stood at the bottom of the stairs when it happened. 

In episode two, Alice tries to find out more information from George.  She wants to know if he was the one who stood at the bottom of the stairs that night. She also wants to do a DNA test to prove he is telling the truth. And she wonders if the letter from the fertility centre is anything to do with him. She’s also fascinated with him because he’s a living link to her dead husband. However, George goes off-grid, so she doesn’t get any answers. 

We also see Alice say goodbye to Harry by putting on a memorial and burying him in the garden of their new house (which she tries to persuade Harry’s parents not to sell). It’s clear that, despite the big questions he’s left behind, Alice really loved and trusted Harry – maybe she needs to mourn him first before daring to find out what he did wrong.

The cast of Finding Alice
Finding Alice: Keeley Hawes stars in the new ITV drama.

The main mystery seems to be George – who actually is he? Why has he turned up now? Was he involved with Harry’s death?

But perhaps, in order to get to the bottom of things, we need to focus on Harry and Alice’s history together – how did they meet? Do they have a big secret? Did something terrible happen a few years ago? Basically, what the hell happened? 

Because, in the first episode, Charlotte reminds Alice that she was never actually married to Harry. She also mentions that he claimed to have “got the snip” years ago. The arrival of George suggests that Harry might have been in a serious relationship before Alice. And Alice’s mum mentions something about her having a history of not dealing with big life events and having to go on anti-depressants to cope with them. 

Hmmm, it feels like a big family secret from the past is at play here. And we’ll be tuning into episode three next week to try find out more. 

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