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Finding Alice episode 3 recap: was Harry’s death really an accident?

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In episode three of ITV’s Finding Alice, we learned more about Harry’s estranged son George, but is there more to him than meet’s the suspicious eye?

Last week, we reached episode three of Finding Alice, ITV’s new comedy-drama about grief that doesn’t shy away from examining how we use dark humour in tough times.

It follows the story of Alice (Keeley Hawes) who is navigating life after the unexpected death of her husband Harry (Jason Merrells). He died after falling down the stairs of their new “smart home”, which they’d just moved into with their daughter Charlotte (Isabella Pappas). 

But was it really an accident? What secrets had Harry been hiding? And did he leave his family in trouble?

What has happened so far in Finding Alice?

Just to quickly recap what happened in episode two: Alice decided to bury Harry in their garden; CCTV footage showed that the young man stood at the bottom of the stairs when Harry died was George – who claims to be his long lost son; Harry’s parents revealed that he signed over the new house to them and they plan to sell it; and we were teased with clues about ‘something big’ that happened during Harry and Alice’s relationship.

Finding Alice episode 3 recap

In the third episode, the laughs started to fade and things took a darker turn as Alice settled into life without Harry. Her friendship with mortuary worker Nathan deepened as a form of comfort, she tried and failed to look out for her daughter’s welfare at school, she struggled to get showered and dressed, and she nearly crashed her car.

The one thing she was fixated on was George because she’s desperate to cling to anything that links her to Harry. She did a paternity test, which concluded that Harry was George’s biological father. Explaining why he was at the bottom of the stairs that fateful night, George said he’d decided to confront Harry because he had avoided his calls. But when he saw Harry losing his footing on the stairs and falling to his death, George ran away in fear. 

George in Finding Alice
Finding Alice episode 3: George speaks at the inquest.

Alice accepted this and asked George to repeat it at the inquest. After chopping and changing his mind, he turned up and told them what happened – but he didn’t look too comfortable in front of Alice. Harry’s death was then ruled as accidental death, which just seemed too neat and tidy an ending. And with three more episodes to go in the series, we’re convinced that it is actually far from being the end.

Why didn’t George call an ambulance? Did he really know that Harry instantly died? What did he really say to Harry before he fell? Why didn’t the detectives at the inquest look convinced? Does Geroge expect money from all of this? Are Harry’s parents selling the house to pay for an expense they want to keep a secret from Alice? Has that secret got anything to do with George? And what was really going on in Harry and Alice’s marriage?

Hopefully, things will pick up a bit in the fourth episode, which airs on Sunday at 9pm, and we’ll finally start to find some big answers.

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