Googlebox: Mary has an important message about isolation.

Gogglebox: the cast’s reaction to this week’s coronavirus news speaks for the nation

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Gogglebox is back, and the first episode had plenty of relatable reactions to this week’s news. 

Gogglebox is finally back, just in for autumn nights spent curled up on the sofa in front of the TV. When we first went into lockdown six months ago, the Channel 4 series helped viewers with navigating the pandemic. 

The cast’s honest reactions to everything that happened were reassuring, comforting and often thought-provoking. Like, when Mary reframed our feelings of isolation and fear. And when Jenny made a very important point about domestic abuse

As we continue to ride the pandemic rollercoaster, people are no-doubt relieved another series is here – and the first episode already reflected the nation’s mood.

In the first half of the episode, the families reacted to the news that the government admitted to changes in quarantine rules being confusing for people: another example of Boris Johnson’s muddled messaging in this pandemic.  

“Breaking news! The government’s rules are a bit confusing,” said Tom from the Malone family.

“How confusing must something have to be for the government to admit it’s confusing?” asked Alison. “

“Who’s actually policing the quarantine?” questioned Ellie.

“You know who’s got something to do with this? That drip Hancock,” said Stephen.

Later on in the show, the cast reacted to the government blaming young people for the R rate increase: another example of Matt Hanock’s gaslighting in this pandemic

“The government’s already tried stopping them going back to uni by giving them shit grades anyway. So why not give them another kicking and say: ‘You know what? You lot are causing the problem’,” said Pete.  

“It seems crazy that they were doing all these schemes like Eat Out To Help Out and ‘go back to work’ and trying to basically get people to go back to normal. And now they’re blaming young people, who they were telling to go back to normal in the first place,” asserted Alex from the Michaels family. 

Towards the end of the episode, the families watched a news bulletin about this week’s crucial Brexit talks. They have been taking place after a minister revealed the government has broken international law with a new bill. The prime minister has set a five-week deadline for the talks, saying the UK will otherwise leave without a deal.

“Simply leave without a deal, Jesus Christ,” Sophie reacted. 

“Remember the whole ‘I’ve got an oven-ready Brexit deal. Ping!’ Where’s that gone?” said Baasit from the Siddiqui family.

“So he’s agreed them, signed them off and now he’s going back on his word…Nobody will bloody trust us,” Jenny and Lee agreed. 

“Northern Ireland is not a ‘loose end,” added Sophie, after a minister referred to ‘tying up some loose ends’ during an interview. 

Of course, there were also plenty of laughs about TV programmes and films that had absolutely nothing to down with coronavirus. They included: the horror of watching a vet help a constipated elephant, reliving that famous orgasm scene from When Harry Met Sally and a cringing at a massive Countdown fail.  

Ah, we’re so glad it’s back.

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