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Gogglebox: Jenny captured the mood of the nation with her Line Of Duty finale reaction

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This is how Jenny from Gogglebox reacted to the disappointing Line Of Duty finale.

Gogglebox always has a way of reflecting the mood of the nation. 

Last month, the families’ reactions to Oprah’s interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle highlighted the importance of speaking out about mental health struggles. They’ve also pointed out the problems with the government’s mixed messages and questionable decisions made during the pandemic. And Mary perfectly addressed the feelings of isolation and fear we’ve felt over the last year.

Indeed, there are also plenty of lighter moments that viewers feel connected to.

Take the time Nigella Lawson bewildered the nation with her fish finger bhorta recipe. There was also the moment Ellie and Izzy made face masks out of sanitary towels because they were just so bored of lockdown. And fans were in stitches of laughter when the Line Of Duty stars took part in the reality show for charity. 

Speaking of Line Of Duty, the finale of the sixth season is what provided the best moment of last night’s (7 May) Gogglebox.

The highly-anticipated season finale didn’t go down very well with Line Of Duty fans on Sunday 2 May, when we discovered that Ian Buckells was the fourth ‘H’.

“No one expected Buckells, so the wool was pulled over our eyes. I just felt it was very rushed and too many unanswered questions still,” one fan tweeted

“It didn’t have that huge shock moment we are used to,” added another.

Even Martin Compston, who of course plays Steve Arnott, said in a statement: “Fully understand it wasn’t the ‘urgent exit’ type ending some anticipated but we appreciate you sticking with us.”

And one other person who felt hugely disappointed was Gogglebox’s Jenny. 

Nigel Boyle as Ian Buckells in Line Of Duty
Line Of Duty: it was revealed that Ian Buckells is the 'fourth man' during the S6 finale... or was it?

During each LOD episode, as shown on Gogglebox, Jenny wrote down key phrases and character names in a special notebook so that she’d be able to pick up on future twists and turns. This led to her going viral with the notebook. 

She of course brought it back out for the finale. “I’ve got to concentrate tonight because we find out who ‘H’ is,” she told her friend Lee, with the notebook and a pen in hand. “I’d better find out because if I don’t, I’m putting a complaint in to OfCom.”

“You can’t just convict someone because they’ve spelt ‘definitely’ wrong can you?” she said about the evidence that AC-12 got ‘H’ with. “Bloody hell, the prisons would be full!”

When Buckells appeared on the screen, Jenny wrote down: “No, it’s not Buckells, he’s a scapegoat”. When she realised that Buckells really is ‘H’, Jenny reacted in a very relatable (and funny) way: she ripped out the pages of the notepad and threw them in frustration. 

TV critic and broadcaster shared a clip of the “iconic” moment, which has since gone viral on Twitter, with people sharing their support for Jenny. 

“Condolences to Jenny’s notebook, forever in my heart,” shared one user. “I hope OfCom pay you compensation.”

“Jed Mercurio should write a season seven not just for the public at large, but specifically for Jenny and her notebook. They deserve justice.” declared another fan.

And this viewer succinctly declared: “Jenny stands for us all.”

It has to be said that we completely agree. 

You can catch up with Gogglebox on All 4. 

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