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Industry episode 3 recap: can Harper and Yasmin really be colleagues who live together?

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Could you flatshare with your colleague? Episode three of BBC drama Industry explores the idea in the most cut-throat way.

As we continue to watch BBC drama Industry, the world of money, power and sex is only getting murkier. In the second episode of Lena Dunham’s new series, we saw the finance graduates at Pierpoint continue with their lives following the unexpected death of their cohort friend Hari. We also learned more about Yasmin, who is being bullied and overlooked by her male mentor. And it was clear that Harper still has secrets yet to be unravelled.

But one ray of positivity that came at the end of the episode was a new friendship formed between Yasmin and Harper. In fact, Harper even accepted Yasmin’s invitation to live with at her house along with her boyfriend and her family. But can competitive colleagues really live in a houseshare together? Episode three gave us an insight…

The episode begins with Harper and Yasmin settling into living together, with Yasmin refusing to take the rent money that Harper offers her. Tension starts to build during a dinner party back at the house later that night which Harper rushes from work to get to on time just to please Yasmin who is trying to set her up with Greg. But Yasmin clearly becomes jealous over Harper texting Robert (who Yasmin has a thing for) at the dinner table. 

Industry episode 3: Harper and Daria.
Industry episode 3: Harper and Daria.

And things are getting complicated between the new housemates in the office, too. Harper is encouraged to work on a pitch while Yasmin is basically told to stick to making coffees. When Daria invites them both into a meeting with an important client, Yasmin stops Harper from making her pitch to him. Afterward, Daria tells Yasmin and Harper they cannot allow roommate conflicts to disturb their work ethic.

Back at the house again that evening, Yasmin is clearly annoyed when Harper brings back a guy she’s met on a dating app to have casual sex with. But when he leaves, they smoke a joint together and decide that it’s probably a good idea that Harper does pay rent after all. “It is Notting Hill, after all,” Yasmin asserts.   

This interaction suggests that both women know they’re competing with each other in a dog-eat-dog world. And while it won’t stop them from having a friendship, they realise they do have to set some personal boundaries. But even with these in place, we’re not entirely convinced this friendship has strong enough legs.

You can catch up with Industry on BBC iPlayer.

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