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Keanu Reeves is returning to Netflix with a “brutally epic” new film and series

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Get ready for something truly unique on Netflix from one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors, Keanu Reeves. Here’s everything you need to know about Brzrkr.

There are plentiful reasons why Keanu Reeves is often considered one of the most likeable actors in Hollywood. 

He is of course best known for starring in hit films including Bill & Ted’s Excellent AdventureThe Matrix, My Own Private Idah, Speed and John Wick. He also recently surprised fans with a cameo in Netflix’s Always Be My Maybe.

But despite being such a huge star, Reeves has also always come across as very relatable.

He has openly talked about the importance of men’s mental health and the grieving process over the death of his wife. Out of all the male actors in Hollywood, he is the one who has worked with the most female directors. And last year, he became an internet hero thanks to his “hands-off” photos with women.

Yep, we’ve got a lot of tie for Reeves, which is why we’re excited over the news that he is bringing a truly unique project to Netflix. 

Variety has confirmed that Reeves will be bringing his comic book series, Brzrkr (pronounced “berserker”). 

Reeves, who co-created and co-authored the series, will star in and produce both a live-action film and anime series adaptation of his comic series for Netflix.

Ali Wong and Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves made a cameo opposite Ali Wong in Netflix's Always Be My Maybe.

As per the report, “The new projects will be an expansion on the 12-episode limited series, which originated from an idea Reeves had been developing for a number of years.”

So, what exactly is Reeves’ comic about? 

Netflix has described it as a “brutally epic saga about an immortal warrior’s 80,000 year fight through the ages. The man known only as ‘B’ (Reeves) is half-mortal and half-god, cursed and compelled to violence… even at the sacrifice of his sanity. 

“But after wandering the earth for centuries, B may have finally found a refuge – working for the U.S. government to fight the battles too violent and too dangerous for anyone else. In exchange, B will be granted the one thing he desires – the truth about his endless blood-soaked existence…and how to end it.”

There has been a recent surge in the popularity of anime series on Netflix, and we recently waxed lyrical about Greek mythology series Blood Of Zeus. Other popular titles include Studio Ghibli films such as Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle and When Marnie Was There, alongside series including Kakegurui and A Whisker Away.

It sounds like Reeves was ahead of the anime trend all along, which is why we predict this will pique the interest of many fans. 

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