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Lie With Me: Channel 5’s new noir thriller series shines a light on toxic relationships

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Lie With Me, a new four-part thriller series from Channel 5, promises to spin a “chilling” story of a loving marriage rocked by infidelity

Admit it; relationships are hard. Because, despite everything we learned watching Disney films, true love’s kiss doesn’t fix every little problem, a well-timed duet can’t always distract from a bad situation, and there are no guarantees of a ‘happy ever after.’ Not unless you’re willing to put the work in, at least.

To quote the eternally wise Emma Thompson: “It’s easy to say ‘I love you’ while you’re rolling around on expensive sheets. It’s so much harder when they need washing.”

Of course, things are made one hell of a lot trickier when you and your other half are the lead characters in a noir thriller series about infidelity. Which is why we’re not holding out all that much hope that Lie With Me’s Anna and her husband will achieve ‘happy ever after’ status come the end of the new Channel 5 drama.

Lie With Me: Charlie Brooks stars in new noir thriller
Charlie Brooks takes the lead in Lie With Me, Channel 5’s new noir thriller series.

Here’s what you need to know about the “chilling” new series, which will premiere on Channel 5 on 12 July.

What’s the plot of Lie With Me?

Following in the footsteps of Australian dramas like The Cry and The Secrets She Keeps, Lie With Me is keeping a very tight wrap on its plot, quite frankly. Indeed, the official synopsis keeps things incredibly cryptic, simply promising an engrossing story about an increasingly toxic relationship.

Lie With Me is centred on the chilling tale of Anna and her family, who move to Australia after infidelity rocks her marriage,” it continues.

“They hire Becky, a young local nanny who isn’t as innocent as she appears, and deadly consequences follow.”

Is there a trailer for Lie With Me?

Channel 5 recently released the full-length trailer for Lie With Me, but there aren’t too many clues or giveaways as to the direction the show is going to take – although there are several closeup shots of pill bottles, a striking gold necklace, and a zipped-up bodybag.

Plus, much like Big Little Lies, it features some to-die-for (in the most literal sense of the phrase) luxury real estate.

Check it out:

From what we can gather, Anna and her husband, Jake, are doing their utmost best to present themselves to the world as the perfect couple. But, when they allow someone new into their home, the cracks in their relationship become all too apparent.

“Jake cheated on me in London, and it nearly destroyed us,” admits Anna at one point, although it’s unclear who she’s talking to.

“Mysterious bits of jewellery, unanswered phone calls… all those things add up.”

Curiouser and curiouser – but who, though, winds up dead? Who delivered the killing blow? And is anyone else getting some serious Gone Girl vibes?

We guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

Who stars in Lie With Me?

Charlie Brooks, best known for her role as the devious Janine Butcher in BBC One’s EastEnders, leads the drama as the troubled Anna, while Australian actor Brett Tucker stars as her onscreen husband.

Newcomer Phoebe Roberts, meanwhile, takes on the role of Becky, the enigmatic nanny that Anna and Jake invite into their home.

What are people saying about Lie With Me?

The show has yet to air in the UK, so we don’t have any reviews to go on at this point. However, Chris Oliver-Taylor – aka the CEO of Fremantle, Asia Pacific, has promised a seriously “exciting” series.

Lie With Me: Charlie Brooks, Brett Tucker, and Phoebe Roberts.
Who is the true villain of Channel 5’s Lie With Me, really?

“Fremantle Australia is thrilled to be producing this series for Channel 5 and Network 10,” Oliver-Taylor continues.

“Jason Herbison has created a fantastic world of deceit, thrills, twists and turns that will keep the audiences in both the UK and Australia guessing.”

When will Lie With Me be available to watch in the UK?

 The new series will kick off on Channel 5 on Monday 12 July at 9pm. 

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