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Line Of Duty season 6: Martin Compston says there are “big answers” ahead

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Martin Compston, who plays DS Steve Arnott in Line Of Duty, has just told fans what to expect from season six. And, yes, we’re now more excited than ever.

The countdown to the sixth season of Line Of Duty is on.  Jed Mercurio’s tense crime drama returns to our screens at 9pm on Sunday 21 March

Vicky McClure, Adrian Dunbar and Martin Compston will return as DI Kate Fleming, DS Steve Arnott and Superintendent Ted Hastings respectively. Shalom Brune-Franklin also joins the cast as new addition to the AC-12 team, DC Chloe Bishop. And Kelly Macdonald makes her debut on the show as guest lead DCI Joanne Davidson.

But what can fans expect of the sixth installment of the hit series? 

Anyone who needs to catch up with the first five seasons of Line Of Duty can watch all the episodes on BBC iPlayer. Or, if you just need a refresher on what’s happened, we recommend you plug into the official Obsessed With Line Of Duty podcast.

The biggest question that everybody has is, of course, who is ‘H’? But there are also so many other loose threads around AC-12’s dilemmas. 

What is Hastings’ real association with the organised crime group? Are there actually four crooked officers working within organised crime? And is Jackie Laverty’s leg forever destined to live inside that domestic freezer? 

In an upcoming episode of That Gaby Roslin Podcast, which is released on Monday 8 March, the LOD stars reveal that there are a lot of answers for fans in the new season. 

As reported in Radio Times, Compston says: “One of the things I find exciting is that our favourite series to do was series three, because we were building to this big climax and it feels like we’re back at that point.

He adds: “In some ways the whole series has been building to this. I think there are a lot of big answers coming in this series, a few things that people have been looking for a few years.”

Line Of Duty season 6: the cast
DC Chloe Bishop (Shalom Brune-Franklin) will join the cast of Line Of Duty season 6.

Speaking about filming, McClure adds: “When we came back for series six we were still as excited and buzzed to do the job and see each other as we were way back then, we’re not jaded by it.

“We spend as much time as we can together and if we were out of lockdown we’d see each other a lot more. But when we’re not, like tonight, we’re having a Zoom curry and a beer!”

With the knowledge that answers to the questions that have puzzled us since the series started way back in 2012 are on their way, we simply cannot wait for this to start.

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