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Lisa Kudrow’s best TV roles since Friends: from Scandal to Grace and Frankie

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She became a household name on the Central Perk sofa, but Lisa Kudrow has played some incredible roles since Friends wrapped in 2004. Here are our favourites.

As well as being one of the six faces behind arguably the biggest TV sitcom in the world, Lisa Kudrow has racked up some pretty awesome roles since Friends wrapped in 2004.

After becoming a household name as kooky masseuse and monotone singer Phoebe Buffay, Kudrow played iconic roles in a range of 21st-century movie classics. 

Think the philandering teacher in Easy A, the sexually liberated friend in PS I Love You and a religious, LGBTQ-positive mom in Olivia Wilde’s Booksmart.

But we also love to see her where she won all of her hearts – on the small screen. Here’s a rundown of her top TV roles.

Feel Good

Kudrow plays Mae Martin’s dry, cutting, but ultimately loving mother Linda in both seasons one and two. While giving Mae endless torrents of tough love, she also offers a hilarious edge to the trials and tribulations of parenting and ageing.

She also makes a great co-parenting duo with Adrian Lukis, as they try to help Mae through her relationship and addiction issues but often end up making the situation at hand more uncomfortable – to great comic effect.

Cougar Town

Back in 2010, Kudrow joined her Friends castmate and friend Courteney Cox on her hit show Cougar Town, which follows the life of Cox’s quippy divorcee Jules Cobb.

In comparison to her self-proclaimed “flaky” character Phoebe in Friends, Kudrow got to spread her wings and play a truly unlikeable character – a nasty dermatologist who has designs on Jules’ ex-husband.

During an interview at the time, she admitted relishing being able to play a really mean person – and we’re totally here for her take.

Bojack Horseman

In a year-long foray into voice acting, Kudrow plays Wanda Pierce – an adult female owl (with legs) who is Bojack’s main love interest for the show’s second season.

As well as inspiring true love in Bojack – which we all love to see – Wanda voices a truly iconic line about love and relationships: “You know, it’s funny. When you look at someone through rose-colored glasses, all the red flags just look like flags.” Kudos to Kudrow for this one.

Grace and Frankie 

Lisa Kudrow in Netflix's Grace and Frankie

Grace and Frankie

In season four of Netflix’s beloved Grace And Frankie, Kudrow appears in the first few episodes as Sheree, Grace (Jane Fonda)’s new room mate (and manicurist) after Frankie moves to Santa Fe to be with her boyfriend Jacob.

Although she appears as a third wheel – and potential threat – to Grace and Frankie’s friendship, you still can’t help but love her. Her penchant for vibrant nail colours and hot pink outfits only makes her more of an icon. 


Continuing to show her epic range, Kudrow played Congresswoman Josephine Marcus in US political TV drama Scandal in 2013.

Appearing alongside Little Fires Everywhere star Kerry Washington in the Shonda Rhimes show, Kudrow delivered an amazing speech about sexism in politics and the stereotypes that women have to contend with when trying to run for powerful positions. What a legend. 

The Good Place

Kudrow brought her “foggy-brained” Phoebe Buffay comedic style all the way to paradise when she played philosopher Hypatia of Alexandria (aka Patty) in the final season of The Good Place.

Her job was to open the main characters’ eyes to the problems that were arising in the heavenly/purgatory dimension – a total prophet.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 

Appearing as another slightly unconventional maternal figure, Kudrow plays lead character Kimmy’s absentee mother Lori-Anne Schmidt.

She also lends her voice (and charming disposition) to another part – Kimmy’s animated fairy godmother. 

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