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Love Life series 2 is coming to the BBC this week and here’s why you need to catch up on series one immediately

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HBO’s Love Life is one of the standout romantic dramas of recent years and while series one is ready to binge-watch on BBC iPlayer now, season two is coming to BBC One later this week. 

In a world filled with hard-hitting documentaries, an increasingly stressful political sphere and gritty dramas – that are binge-worthy but pretty damn heavy to watch – sometimes all you need is a little levity.

Dramas and comedies about romance, like Love Life, provide that and more.

What more could you want from a half-hour episode of something than to laugh out loud at your own experiences reflected back at you? Or to have your futile attempts at modern dating being the butt of a joke that you can now laugh at – and not wince at? Love Life made waves when series one came to the UK last year and navigating the world of love is a series form we know and love.

From BBC’s Starstruck to Netflix’s Emily In Paris, Amazon Prime Video’s Modern Love and recent smash hit movie The Lost City, we love nothing more than laughing about the trials, tribulations and hilarity that comes from our embarrassingly disastrous scenarios.  

Anna Kendrick in Love Life.
Anna Kendrick in series one of HBO's Love Life.

Love Life is one of the most realistic portrayals of love and dating that has graced our TV’s in recent times and while we binge-watched series one in a heartbeat, we’re more than excited to learn that series two will be released here in the UK via BBC One this Friday 6 April.

In series one, we followed Darby Carter (played by Anna Kendrick) as she searches for love throughout her 20s and 30s. It’s often in all the wrong places but she starts to recognise the experiences and people that flit through her life as being important or lasting in the way that they’re maybe supposed to.

Women who have watched the series have been quick to express their praise for the series and its representation of showcasing what different women want from certain relationships.

The series not only manages to outline some of dating’s more awkward moments, but it also explores relationships – whether they’re fulfilling and long-lasting or not – in all their wonderful facets. It’s realistic and in an age of so much drama, sometimes all we want is a television show to make us feel ‘seen’, right? 

Series two kicks off with a new romantic lead Marcus Watkins (William Jackson Harper) instead of Kendrick. This time round, he goes through much of the same introspection and begins to question his marriage after befriending the magnetic Mia Hines.

As the synopsis states: “Showcasing all the humor and heartbreak that comes with the search for love, this romantic comedy anthology series follows interconnected millennials as they chart unexpected paths towards finding their soulmates.

“While the first season sees Darby (Kendrick) looking for love as her insecurities bubble to the surface, season two finds her acquaintance, Marcus Watkins (Harper), forced to rebuild his life after his marriage implodes and hoping to find love that will last.

“Set against the backdrop of New York City and spanning the course of several years, each installment finds our protagonists learning that every relationship and fling brings them closer to their ‘person’, even if they don’t know it yet.”

Viewers of the anthology series in the US are already calling for series three to be confirmed: 

And it’s safe to say that the series is an easy binge-watch for many: 

Love Life series two will premiere on BBC One this Friday 6 May at 10:40pm, with episodes airing weekly at the same time and all episodes available to watch on BBC iPlayer. 

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