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Mae Martin’s offbeat TV show Feel Good is coming to Netflix for a second season – and the trailer has just dropped

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A modern look at relationships, gender fluidity and mental health crises, Martin has written and starred in a second offering of the series.     

Comic, actor and writer Mae Martin is bringing her romantic, quirky and hilarious TV show Feel Good back to screens later this year, with a new trailer having just dropped.

With a stand-out first season that was beloved by critics and audiences alike, it’s exciting to see what is next for Martin’s eponymous character and George, played by Charlotte Ritchie (of Fresh Meat and Ghosts fame).

The show – which is semi-autobiographical – follows Mae’s character, who must navigate both addiction and romance, looking for an answer when the two intersect.

She meets and falls in love with George incredibly quickly, but is forced to re-examine her past, and whether or not this new relationship has become her latest addiction.

We saw a sad and ambiguous end to the first season, as it questions whether Mae and George will be able to work through the problems that sexuality, trauma and addiction brings – but luckily we’ve been treated to the chance to see where the world will take them both next.

A second season was confirmed back in December 2020, with Mae at the helm once again. “I’m beyond excited to be able to return to the world of Feel Good,” she said at the time. “And to see Mae and George’s love story through to the dramatic conclusion we had always planned.”

Feel Good’s first offering was viewed as a really authentic view on romance and humour, taking a closer look at what happens when you try and lose yourself in a romantic relationship. Here’s what we know about what’s at the heart of the second season.

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What’s the plot for season two of Feel Good?

Mae continues to struggle with her addictive tendencies, and some more sinister demons from her past threaten to push her into more self-destructive behaviour. She tries to deal with a PTSD diagnosis while trying to advance with her comedic aspirations.

Meanwhile, George becomes unsure about her direction in life and continues her renegotiation of her relationship with her sexuality

Is there a trailer for Feel Good?

Yes, there is. Watch below.

Who stars in the second season?

Alongside Martin and Ritchie, Lisa Kudrow will reprise her role as Mae’s mum. Anthony Head (known for his roles in Merlin and Buffy) will appear, as will The Big Bang Theory’s John Ross Bowie and The Walking Dead’s Eleanor Matsuura, who will play Mae’s problematic agent.

When will we be able to watch Feel Good season 2?

It will be available on Netflix from 4 June.

Images: Matt Crockett / Netflix.

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