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Marcella season 3: missing Anna Friel’s drama? The ITV series will be back very soon indeed...

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ITV has given us our first proper look at the third season of Marcella, and of course we’re already hooked.

Thanks to the coronavirus lockdown, we have had to wait an extraordinarily long time for the next chapter in ITV’s Marcella.

Now, at long last, we’re getting eight new episodes of the drama, which pick up just after the dramatic conclusion of the previous series.

In the third season of the popular TV show, Marcella (Anna Friel) has taken up a new life in Belfast as an undercover detective. Which means that she’s not Marcella anymore; not really, anyway. 

Instead, she’s Keira, and she’s 100% wrapped up with the infamous Maguire family.

As the troubled character investigates their criminal activities, though, questions come to the fore about how much she has embraced Keira’s persona and personality and left Marcella behind.

Will her quest for the truth put her in danger and others in harm’s way? And will her old life eventually catch up with her?

Watch ITV’s gripping teaser trailer for the third season of Marcella below:

As this is an entirely new world for Marcella, you better believe that there are plenty of new characters in the mix.

Amanda Burton, of Silent Witness fame, will take up the role of Katherine, the matriarch of the Maguire family. Bohemian Rhapsody’s Aaron McCusker, meanwhile, plays her son, Finn Maguire, and The Full Monty’s Hugo Speer, who made a brief appearance in the final scenes of series two, reprises his role as Frank Young, Marcella’s undercover handler. 

Elsewhere, The Fall’s Kelly Gough joins the cast as Stacey, Katherine’s daughter, and Death & Nightingales’ Martin McCann plays Stacey’s husband.

Eugene O’Hare, Michael Colgan, Paul Kennedy, and Glen Wallace round out the cast.

“I can’t wait for everyone to see it,” says Friel of the third season. 

“Even if you haven’t watched the first two seasons, this one can be watched as a standalone. People across the world have watched season three and enjoyed it so much that they then went back and watched one and two. It’s created a different momentum. 

“More people are watching box sets because they’re at home more. So, it’s found a new audience as well, which is a really positive thing.”

Anna Friel takes on the dual roles of Marcella/Keira in the third season of ITV’s Marcella.
Anna Friel takes on the dual roles of Marcella/Keira in the third season of ITV’s Marcella.

Hans Rosendfelt, the show’s creator, adds: “Marcella is not a detective anymore. Not really. 

“When we parted with Marcella, in the last episode of series two, she was at the very bottom. Earlier suppressed memories had come back to her and she’d realised that she had killed her daughter, Juliet. 

“She was alone, homeless and presumed dead, doing everything in her powers to try to erase and forget her past, her name, her memories, even her face. She just couldn’t cope with being Marcella anymore.”

He continues: “We knew right away that it would be hard, impossible even, to bring her back as a police officer after what she’d done and been through… so we decided to let Marcella go undercover. Gave her a new identity and a new mission: to infiltrate a crime family in Belfast. 

“We loved the idea of the very troubled and vulnerable Marcella – as always so magnificently portrayed by Anna Friel – getting a fresh start, a new life, an opportunity to become a completely different person and to see how far she is willing to go, what she’s willing to do, not to be reminded about her past.”

Rosendfelt finishes: “Setting Marcella up in a completely new environment, with new people around her, has given us a chance to discover and explore new sides of her and to dig deeper into her mental state.

“And having her deep, deep undercover, in constant danger of being revealed and caught instead of having her trying to catch another clever serial killer felt fresh, fun and gave a lot of good energy in the story lining room.”

Desperate to watch the series for yourself already? Thankfully, a UK premiere for the third season of Marcella has finally been confirmed.

With that in mind, then, you’ll want to be tuned into ITV on Tuesday 26 January at 9pm.

We can’t wait!

The first two episodes of the new series of ITV’s Marcella will air on 26 January at 9pm and 10.05pm. 

All eight episodes of the series will be available to view on the ITV Hub the same night.

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