Sister Sister: The best 90s shows to stream if you’re in need of a nostalgia hit

Relive the golden years of television with My90sTV, a nostalgic web simulation that’ll transport you back in time

For many of us, 90s TV was the pinnacle of easygoing watching and if you’re struggling with those new year’s blues, we may have found just the lighthearted television-based solution for you.

While time travel may not be a thing just yet, it seems like, now more than ever, there’s a collective yearning for decades past.

Whether it’s indulging in reruns of our favourite old shows or even taking style inspiration from the 90s, it’s suffice to say that many of us wish for the days when easygoing sitcoms ruled the TV and “pandemic” was a word not yet in our everyday vocabulary.

Well, we may have just found the perfect internet-based anecdote. My90sTV is the weird and wonderful website that provides an endless amount of content, plucked direct from whatever year you want.  

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A good old fashioned TV frame pops up on screen, complete with a channel knob, volume and power button. Choose your year of choice and allow the site to pick anything from an infomercial to cartoons or a wrestling match. Feeling like tuning into 1992? Or perhaps 1997 was your year? No fear, simply select and enjoy the loop it puts you in.

Yes, it’s totally random (and may feel that way at first) but you’ll soon recognise clips from your favourite shows. Or you may just want to while away an hour mindlessly searching through – we certainly have.

Revel in a classic clip of Hey Arnold, watch old celebrity chatshow interviews or even tune into the news – because try as we might, can we really remember what was on the news channels back in the 90s? 

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Streaming platforms have mastered the art of the algorithm and we rarely have to properly think about what to watch when it’s all decided for us, it seems. 

It’s brilliant and modern but whatever happened to flicking through the channels? Not quite knowing what you may switch on to – whether it’s a cringeworthy music video, a rogue rerun or a fiery talk show – is something we don’t make the time for anymore.

Entertainment is full of hard-hitting, high octane dramas right now (which we love) but, if the new year is bringing its usual stress and angst into your life, perhaps a trip back to the fun-loving 90s is just what you need. If anything, it’ll certainly make you smile. 

Explore for yourself now.

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