Emily In Paris season 2 is coming – here’s everything we know so far

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Season two of Netflix’s Emily In Paris is officially happening, but what will life in the city of love have in store for our Chicagoan protagonist? Here’s everything we know about the new season so far.

Few shows have taken the TV industry by surprise quite like Netflix’s Emily In Paris

Despite scathing reviews from critics and a plot characterised by French stereotypes and cheesy romance, the show became an instant hit when it landed on Netflix at the beginning of October.

Emily In Paris is not a ‘good’ TV show, but that doesn’t really matter. Because despite its overly sweet cliches and slightly frustrating protagonist, the show was able to offer us exactly what we need in 2020 – a break from reality.

With its over-the-top fashion, dreamy setting and low stakes plot, Emily In Paris’ 10 episodes offered the perfect escape from everything going on right now.

With all of this considered, it’s no surprise that, after months spent at the top of Netflix’s ‘top 10’ chart in countries all over the world, Emily In Paris has officially been renewed for a second season.

The news was broken by Netflix on their official Twitter account earlier this week, when they shared a video of the show’s stars saying the French word for two ‘deux’.

The clip ended with the phrase: “Deux is always better than un” and was accompanied by the caption: “Emily In Paris will return for season 2!”

Itching to know more? Here’s everything we know about the second season so far. 

What is the plot of Emily In Paris season 2?

After the cliff hanger that was the end of season one, it’s safe to say we can expect a lot more drama from season two.

Not only has Gabriel (one of Emily’s love interests) decided to stay in Paris after Antoine (another of Emily’s love interests) offered to buy him his restaurant, but Camille (Gabriel’s girlfriend whom he has been cheating on with Emily) wants to “talk” to our protagonist. To cut to the chase, things are just a little complicated.

We can also expect Emily to work even more of her American charm at work in season two – despite a rocky start with her boss, Sylvie, the pair seem to have patched things up at the end of season one. 

Emily and Sylvie in season one of Emily In Paris on Netflix
Emily In Paris season 2: will Sylvie and Emily finally be able to reconcile their differences?

In fact, if Netflix’s official season two announcement is anything to go by, Emily may finally be beginning to win Sylvie over. The release, which came in the form of a letter from Sylvie to Emily’s American employer, reads:

“Nous sommes désolées! We are writing to regrettably inform you that Emily Cooper will need to remain in Paris for an extended period of time. Despite her overconfident manner and lack of prior experience in luxury goods marketing, she has nonetheless managed to charm some of our hard-to-impress clients during her short time at Savoir. Call it bonne chance, or American ingenuity—I’m leaning towards the former—her results are impressive.

“We hope that by extending her time in Paris, Emily will further the relationships she has already made, delve deeper into our culture, and perhaps pick up a few words of basic French.

“We will work in conjunction with you on applying for a work permit on her behalf to prolong her time here. We love having Emily in Paris! But please don’t let her know that.”

Elsewhere, speaking to Oprah Magazine about where he sees Emily in season two, the show’s creator Darren Star (who also created Sex And The City) said he sees the character beginning to settle into life in the city. 

“In season two, she’s going to be more of a part of the fabric of the world she’s living in,” he said.

“She’ll be more of a resident of the city. She’ll have her feet on the ground a little more – she’s making a life there.”

Emily and Gabriel in Emily In Paris on Netflix
Emily In Paris season 2: what could Gabriel's decision to stay in Paris mean for his relationships with Emily and Camille?

This isn’t the only teaser about season two Star has treated fans of the show to over the last couple of months. Speaking to TV Line at the beginning of October, Star hinted that the relationship between Gabriel, Camille and Emily will evolve as the show moves into its second season.

“Nothing is sort of exactly as it seems to [Emily], and I think a lot of her ideas about life are constantly tested,” he said. “And they will be next season, as well. What happens in the next chapter, I think, can be a real exploration of how the relationship between these three characters evolves.”

Star continued: “That, to me, is such a fun thing to explore in season two, because these are not Americans. They’re French people. To me, a big part of the show is looking at everything through a different lens. Season two will open up some interesting and surprising relationship avenues.”

Outside of Emily’s love life, season two will hopefully see Emily develop her friendship with Mindy – at the end of season one, we saw the pair move in together after Mindy was fired from her au pair job for following her dreams and moonlighting at a drag bar.

Basically, there’s a lot to cover!

Who will star in Emily In Paris season 2?

If the teaser clip Netflix posted to their Twitter account is anything to go by, we’ll see all of Emily In Paris’ main characters returning for season two. That means the likes of Lily Collins (Emily Cooper), Ashley Park (Mindy Chen), Lucas Bravo (Gabriel), Camille Razat (Camille), William Abadie (Antoine Lambert), Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu (Sylvie), Samuel Arnold (Julien) and Bruno Gouery (Luc) will all be returning.

As for any new characters making an appearance, we’ll just have to wait and see as and when any casting news is announced!

Is there a trailer for Emily In Paris season 2?

Not yet, but you can watch the teaser clip Netflix posted on their official Twitter account above.

When will Emily In Paris season 2 be released?

As sad as it is to admit, it’s likely we’ll be waiting quite a while to see Emily In Paris season two gracing our screens.

Because Emily In Paris is a show which needs to be shot on-location (Emily On A TV Set In Los Angeles doesn’t quite have the same ring to it), the cast and crew will need to navigate the ever-changing coronavirus situation in order to be able to film. 

And with France currently under lockdown until at least 1 December (meaning travel from the US is strictly limited), chances are they won’t be getting started anytime soon.

Emily In Paris season one is available to watch on Netflix.

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