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Netflix’s Headspace Guide To Sleep is here to help you get a good night’s rest

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From the impact of pre-bed phone usage to what constitutes the ‘right’ amount of sleep, Netflix’s Headspace Guide To Sleep is help us all rest easy.    

There are few things more frustrating than missing out on a good night’s sleep.

Whether you struggle with night-time anxiety, find yourself lying awake for long periods of time or wake up feeling sleepy and unrested, sleep problems, while common, can be incredibly upsetting, and take their toll on your mental and physical health.

With this in mind, it’s hardly surprising that there’s such an appetite for good, expert-led sleep advice these days. And that’s where Headspace’s new Netflix series comes in.  

The follow-up to the meditation and mindfulness app’s first Netflix series, Headspace Guide To Meditation, Headspace Guide To Sleep is an educational and science-based series designed to help viewers build healthy sleep habits and learn more about this elusive topic.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new series, which is available to watch now.

What is Headspace Guide To Sleep about?

Narrated by Headspace’s director of meditation Eve Lewis Prieto, Headspace Guide To Sleep brings together the latest research and expert advice on sleep to provide useful tips and tricks for a better night’s sleep and explore the different factors which contribute to our sleep, from the impact of mobile phones to whether or not we all need eight hours a night.

Accompanied by colourful illustrations, each of the series’ seven episodes will end with a “guided wind down” designed to help viewers switch off.

Is there a trailer for Headspace Guide To Sleep?

Yep! You can watch the first trailer for Headspace Guide To Sleep below: 

In the trailer, we learn more about the kind of topics the show will set out to explore.

“Do we really need eight hours?” Lewis Prieto’s voiceover asks. “Is going to bed with our phones really that bad? And I’ll go there – do those pills really work?”

When is Headspace Guide To Sleep available to watch?

Headspace Guide To Sleep is available to stream on Netflix now.

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