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Netflix’s Lupin part 3 is currently being filmed: here’s everything we know about the upcoming series so far

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Consistently scoring 100% on Rotten Tomatoes for its previous seasons, Lupin part three is currently in production and we can already guarantee the next series will be as much of a thrill ride as the last.

Warning: this article contains spoilers for part two of Netflix’s Lupin.

Netflix’s Lupin is quite simply one of the best shows on the streaming platform. No, seriously – it’s the second biggest international hit after Squid Game and part one is believed to have been watched by over 70 million households within its first 28 days on the platform.

The global hit series loosely follows the Maurice Leblanc books about French fictional thief Arsène Lupin, but this series concentrates on Assane Diop in his search for justice, on his late father’s behalf.

His father, Babakar (played by Eye Of The Storm’s Fargass Assandé), was framed for the theft of a precious diamond necklace by his wealthy employer, Hubert Pellegrini (played by The Sense Of Wonder’s Hervé Pierre). What ensues is a rollercoaster of close-calls, espionage and some damn good disguise on Assane’s part.

And now, we’ve been given the green light (really, did we even need one?) to get excited as Netflix has just announced that filming for part three is finally underway: 

Sharing the news on Twitter on 18 November, alongside an infectiously smiley selfie from star of the show Omar Sy, Netflix tweeted: “Guess who’s back and ready to steal the show? Lupin Part 3 is now in production!”

Tweeting the same picture of himself against a birds eye view of Paris, Sy also wrote: “Feels good being home! Lupin, Part 3, now in production.” 

What will Lupin part three be about?

Well, the explosive part two finale saw Hubert Pellegrini finally in cuffs, the late Babakar’s name cleared and Assane’s name also cleared of murder, after Pellegrini framed him for killing his henchman Leonard (Get In’s Adama Niane) earlier in the season.

The story is far from over though as the final emotional scene in part two saw Assane bid goodbye to his ex-partner Claire, played by Swimming Pool’s Ludivine Sagnier, and their son Raoul, played by Etan Simon. Atop ‘Raoul’s Bridge’, he told them he loved them both and disappeared into the night with the police hot on his tail.

Because, even though we know Assane’s good intentions, it does seem as though he’s broken quite a few laws himself and is now a wanted criminal. It’s likely then that part three will pick up with Assane on the run or in disguise, both are fairly normal for the main character.

As the series has done a good job of capturing injustice and the way wealth operates in wider society, we can probably expect Pellegrini to make an appearance in the new series too. Will he actually be sent to prison or will he, again, escape justice? 

Is there a trailer for Lupin part three?

As filming has just commenced, it’s likely to be a little while before we get any teasers or a full-length trailer. To tide you over though, there is a fun behind-the-scenes clip Netflix released: 

And we’re sure you don’t need reminding but if you wish to reminisce on some of Assane’s most clever moments: 

Is there any more Lupin-related news?

Following the success of Lupin, Netflix has actually entered a multi-year feature film deal with Omar Sy, which also marks the streaming platform’s first deal with a French talent or filmmaker.

As part of the deal, Sy – who has also served as creative producer on some Lupin episodes – will be starring and producing original Netflix films as part of his Paris and LA-based production company.

Announcing the deal, Sy said that he has “experienced Netflix’s collaboration with artists and their passion to bring unique and diverse stories to homes all over the world.” 

Netflix's Lupin returns for third series
Omar Sy will reprise his role as Assane Diop in part three of Lupin.

When will part three of Lupin be released?

As production for the new series has just been announced, we can expect a trailer and official release date to come soon.

Speaking to RadioTimes, Lupin co-creator George Kay previously said that he expected “new episodes to launch on Netflix in 2022.”

Watch this space for updates. 

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