Netflix's Marriage Or Mortgage.

Netflix’s Marriage Or Mortgage: is this new show just comparison culture at its worst?

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At a time when so many millennials are stuck in the renting trap and don’t even have any savings, is Netflix’s Marriage Or Mortgage really just a bit of light reality TV?

Despite the fact that the year is 2021, we still live in a world where society measures a person’s success through certain milestones. The university degree, the well-paid career, the perfect relationship, the big wedding, the new house, the baby – we’re supposed to have it all by our 30s, apparently. 

Of course, so many of us now have the freedom to unsubscribe from these traditions. This doesn’t mean, however, that we’re immune from feeling like we “should” be doing something, especially in a digital age where we constantly compare our lives to other people’s

And it looks like Netflix’s new reality series, Marriage Or Mortgage, really feeds into this comparison culture

Marriage or Mortgage is about American couples who have to choose between their dream wedding and their dream house. Wedding planner Sarah Miller and real estate agent Nichole Holmes battle it out for the business of the couples.

While Sarah shows the couples the dream wedding they can have with their money, Nichole shows them the houses they could live in. The couples get to realistically see what is possible, making it easier (and sometimes a lot harder) to choose between the two options.

Let’s take a look at the trailer…

“I want our wedding to be the best wedding of all the ones what we have been to,” one guy tells the camera, while his girlfriend triumphantly punches the air. 

“If we buy a house, it could be years until we can afford the wedding we’ve always wanted,” sighs another contestant.

“Owning a house is the all-American dream,” chimes Nichole. 

“I’m going to show them that they can afford a wedding that’s over the top,” boasts Sarah.

“How do we pick between the day that we deserve and want, and our future?” is the ultimate question asked at the end.

While we’re always up for a bit of fun with dramatic reality shows like this (think Married At First Sight, Selling Sunset), the premise of Marriage Or Mortgage will likely get under the skin of many millennial viewers. 

It values wedding vows and real estate over everything else, suggesting that even just having one out of two must be better than having neither. It also feeds into the insidious “it needs to be bigger and better than everyone else’s” narrative. And, let’s be honest, considering millions of millennials in the UK are stuck in the renting trap and don’t even have any savings – is “marriage or mortgage” really a realistic dilemma?

If your interest has piqued, Marriage Or Mortgage lands on Netflix on Wednesday 10 March.

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