Netflix’s The Big Flower Fight

Netflix’s The Big Flower Fight: everything you need to know about the must-watch show

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The trailer for Netflix’s new gardening TV show, The Big Flower Fight, is something else. And, you guessed it, the reactions on YouTube are bloody brilliant… 

We are, as you’ve probably noticed by now, big fans of the ongoing houseplant trend. Whether you’re all about those big statement plants that look fantastic on Instagram, growing fruit and veg indoors, or the multitude of health benefits that come hand-in-hand with looking after plants at home, there’s a lot to be said for wearing that ‘crazy plant lady’ badge with pride.

And Netflix, always keen to serve the sort of TV content that resonates with viewers, has come up trumps with their own twist on the gardening trend.

With that in mind, then, here’s everything you need to know about The Big Flower Fight

What’s Netflix’s The Big Flower Fight about?

The concept is simple. Much like The Great British Bake Off, which sees amateur bakers try their hands at a series of popular recipes to be named the country’s best, The Big Flower Fight puts gardeners’ skills to the test.

Unlike Bake Off, though, it does so in a series of absolutely mind-boggling and thoroughly outlandish challenges. Indeed, each episode sees the teams are tasked with creating a larger-than-life sculpture from flowers and other natural materials – all while staving off elimination for one more week.

Is there a trailer for Netflix’s The Big Flower Fight?

Absolutely, and it’s… well, it’s something else.

Check it out:

What are people saying about Netflix’s The Big Flower Fight?

Considering it’s not even available to stream just yet, a lot. All you need do is look at the comments underneath the trailer on YouTube to see how excited people are.

“Why does this look like The Hunger Games, but related to plants and flowers?” wrote one.

“This trailer has positive energy,” added another.

One more said: “This is going to be one beautiful fight, I can’t wait to watch!”

Another admitted: “I’m going to get a Netflix subscription for this.”

And our favourite? The one that sums up all our feelings on the matter perfectly?

“I didn’t know I needed this in my life.”


Who presents Netflix’s The Big Flower Fight?

The series is hosted by Natasia Demetriou – as in, yeah, the star of impossibly funny BBC show What We Do In The Shadows – and Vic Reeves.

Netflix’s The Big Flower Fight
In Netflix’s The Big Flower Fight, 10 creative teams square off in a contest to create huge flower installations.

What do the winners of Netflix’s The Big Flower Fight get?

The winner of The Big Flower Fight will design their own sculpture to be put on display in London’s famed Kew Royal Botanic Gardens. Which is, in the gardening world, a bloody big deal. Hell, it’s a big bloody deal outside of the gardening world, actually.

With such huge stakes, though, comes added drama. Which of our 10 teams will fight their way to the top?

When will Netflix’s The Big Flower Fight be available to stream?

You don’t have long to wait: it’s due to hit Netflix on 18 May.

Count down the days with us, yeah?

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