Out Of Her Mind: Sara Pascoe’s new BBC2 show is the hilarious sitcom we all need right now

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The surrealist BBC2 show Out Of Her Mind – written by and starring comedian Sara Pascoe – explores heartbreak, family, and how to survive them. 

Look, we get it: it’s rainy, and miserable, and there’s still a worldwide pandemic on. It’s unsurprising, then, that you’re looking for a new TV show to escape into – ideally one packed with lots of laugh-out-loud moments (because, let’s face it, we could all use a giggle right about now).

Thankfully, Out Of Her Mind – written by and starring comedian Sara Pascoe – is here to do all of that and more.

Here’s what you need to know about the new BBC2 comedy.

What’s the plot of Out Of Her Mind?

Pascoe stars as Sara (hey!), a 30-something woman who’s still reeling from an unexpected breakup. So, when her sister announces that she’s getting engaged, Sara isn’t exactly overjoyed.

Quite the opposite, actually.

“Sara’s wary of people putting their faith in monogamy because she feels everything she’s experienced proves it doesn’t work,” Pascoe tells What’s On TV.

“We wanted to explore family life, love, and adulthood and what happens if you’re someone who does things in an unconventional way.”

To do this, the series subverts the traditional sitcom format by combining eccentric characters, animation, and scientific explanation.

“Sara wants to show [her sister] her emotions aren’t real, they’re just chemicals in her body,” says Pascoe.

“Sometimes knowing a bit more about the science behind an experience allows you to move on.”

Out Of Her MInd subverts the traditional sitcom format.
Out Of Her MInd subverts the traditional sitcom format.

Who makes up the cast of Out Of Her Mind?

As well as Pascoe, the cast of Out of Her Mind will include Juliet Stevenson, Fiona Button, Cariad Lloyd, Adrian Edmondson, Navin Chowdhry, Sean Gilder, Tom Stuart, Scroobius Pip, Jumayn Hunter, Sheila Reid, Cash Holland, Lorraine Ashbourne, and Cian Barry.

And, as an added bonus, Jack Gleeson – as in, yes, Joffrey Baratheon from Game Of Thrones – will star as the ghost of an abortion Sara had in her teens.

“When society has a binary conversation about abortion, there isn’t room for people who go, ‘I have very conflicted feelings because it was the right thing for me but it’s still a sad thing or a thing I wish hadn’t happened,’” Pascoe explains to The Independent.

“People who have a termination are often seen as selfish, as aggressors who can’t ever let the softness in. You’re not allowed to go, ‘I did it. Oh, and it tore me to pieces.’ We don’t have any room for that side of the conversation.”

Is there a trailer for Out Of Her Mind?

Indeed there is, and it perfectly captures the strange surrealist vibes of this must-watch sitcom.

Check it out:

When is Out Of Her Mind coming to BBC2?

The six-part series started on Tuesday 20 October at 10pm on BBC2, and will stick to that time slot for the next five weeks.

Out Of Her Mind is also available to stream via BBC iPlayer.

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