Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine is the raucous Netflix comedy we need right now

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This year’s breakout TikTok star Sarah Cooper is comedy gold in her new Netflix debut Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine. Here’s the lowdown on our latest laugh-out-loud TV delight.

She’s the woman who kept us all in laughs under lockdown with her brilliantly on-point parodies of Donald Trump

Now comedian Sarah Cooper’s efforts have been repaid in form of a hilarious new Netflix variety show starring the likes of Dame Helen Mirren and Whoopi Goldberg

Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine is a one-off special that takes everything that is great about Cooper’s viral talent and amplifies it in the format of a parody morning talk show. 

It is, in other words, a riot of a ride. Here’s everything you need to know about the new Netflix billing of the moment:

What is the story behind Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine

Cooper is one of the runaway heroes in an age of Covid, having entertained millions under lockdown with her videos lip-syncing Trump on TikTok. Her rapidly rising profile resulted in this Netflix gig, where she unleashes her repertoire of mimicry skills – including a dash of her fabled lip-synching – on the current White House administration.

While some of the best and funniest moments of Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine come with parodying Trump or Trump-related cohorts, however, the show also puts issues such as gender fluidity under the spotlight.

What is the plot for Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine

As the perennially sunny host of morning talk show Everything’s Fine, Cooper – playing herself – must live up to her programme’s name while navigating a minefield of wayward guests and car-crash interviews. These, in turn, deftly dissect the controversies at the heart of modern-day America: from Trump’s “pussy-grabbing” to miracle cures for Covid-19, QAnon conspiracies and climate change

With a wickedly funny eye for the absurd, Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine pairs a series of out-there sketches with equally goofy characters played by famous names. Maya Rudolph, for example, is a producer for the show; but she also appears front of screen as a meteorologist whose broadcasts are floored by the inconvenient truth of climate disaster.

Orange Is the New Black star Danielle Brooks is Cooper’s fellow host on the programme that follows Everything’s Fine: but she refuses to play ball and take on her slot. Ben Stiller, meanwhile, is the CEO of a tech company who also happens to be a robot, while Oscar-winner Marisa Tomei plays Satan (as you do). 

Who has a cameo in Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine?

Helen Mirren with the inimitable host in Sarah Cooper: Everything's Fine

A better question is, who doesn’t? It’s testament to Cooper’s rising star in comedy that her debut show on Netflix has attracted a string of A-List guest cameos. As well as those already mentioned, Winona Ryder, Jane Lynch and Mad Men’s Jon Hamm all crop up in sketches, along with rapper Megan Thee Stallion (who flexes her skills with a spot of “pandemic twerking”). 

The starriest of star billings comes in the form of Mirren, who takes on the role of Trump sidekick Billy Bush, and the one and only Goldberg, who plays herself in a narration of the pseudo-documentary about the history of Karens.

The show is directed by Orange Is The New Black’s Natasha Lyonne along with Rudolph. 

Is there a trailer for Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine?

There is, and it’s short but sweet – offering up just a tease of the comedy delights ahead.

The below clip gives another taste of the show, in a skit where Cooper’s sunny hosting poise is derailed by bigoted cupcake baker Karen (played by Glee’s Jane Lynch). 

Where and when can I watch Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine?

The show arrived on Netflix on 27 October and is available to watch now. Cosy up and get those boozy hot chocolates on tap, for a comedy fix like no other. 

Images: Lacey Terrell/Netflix

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