BBC Showtrial finale

BBC’s Showtrial reached its epic conclusion last night and this is how the internet reacted to its ambiguous ending

From the makers of Line Of Duty, Showtrial is the twisted series that has captivated us every Sunday evening these past few weeks. With the drama drawing to a close last night, here’s what the internet made of that tense finale.

We always knew that the finale of Showtrial was going to be jam-packed with revelations and twists – it does come from the makers of Line Of Duty, after all.

The BBC One series proved to be unlike any other crime drama we’ve seen before: it focused on the high-profile fictional court case of millionaire heiress Talitha Campbell (Bridgerton’s Celine Buckens) and her solicitor Cleo Roberts (The OriginalsTracy Ifeachor). Set in the present day, Talitha stands accused of the conspiracy to commit murder and it all descends into a wild media frenzy. With paparazzi following her every move and her image brandished across the tabloids and social media, Showtrial did a great job of showing us that many trials also play out before the general public, rather than remaining a matter solely for the courts.

Labelled “Lady Tease” because of her past sex work, demeaned in court and having her private matters laid out before the jury, we were constantly flickering between sympathy and suspicion of Talitha, the teenage suspect.

Dhillon, the other suspect and former friend of Talitha, sits anxiously in the box beside her throughout much of the trial. You see, the finale was centred around three possible scenarios: did one of the two act alone, did they commit the murder together, or were they, in fact, not involved at all. The answer that we were all hoping for never actually surfaced, or rather, was never made entirely clear.

While the jury convicted Dhillon of the crime and sentenced him to life imprisonment, viewers were still left wondering if Talitha had used her smart quips to get out of the eye of suspicion entirely. 

The open and ambiguous ending is something that has been left to the viewer’s imagination, which some people didn’t entirely approve of:

While some users aptly described the finale as ‘aporetic’:

The finale saw many revelations come to light, namely those around Talitha’s childhood and her mother:

The handling of Talitha’s sexual abuse storyline was also rightfully commended by viewers:

As well as the plotline, viewers were also quick to celebrate the impeccable acting of Tracy Ifeachor and Celine Buckens:

We also wondered how Talitha’s lime green acrylic nails remained generally intact (given the circumstances) throughout the entirety of the series:

But maybe the nails really were just a symbol of the sad state of things within the series:

We were all taken aback by our changing allegiances towards Talitha in the end:

As this user says, Talitha proved to be a “loathsome character tremendously played”:

Generally though, the tense series really lived up to its primetime placement on BBC One’s Sunday schedule:

And it even left some crowning it as the best BBC show of 2021:

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Image: BBC