Soulmates: Black Mirror meets First Dates? This new Amazon Prime series sounds so good

Soulmates: Black Mirror meets First Dates? This new Amazon Prime series sounds so good

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Here’s what you need to know about Amazon Prime’s new dystopian TV series, Soulmates

If you’re as much a fan of Black Mirror as you are First Dates, then prepare to become obsessed with Amazon Prime’s Soulmates.

Here’s what you need to know about the must-watch dystopian TV series.

What’s the plot of Soulmates?

Soulmates sends us rocketing 15 years into the future when science makes a discovery that changes the lives of everyone on the planet – a way to find your soulmate.

All it takes is one simple test, and those who feel compelled to take it are destined to be met with one of three responses.

The first (and best), of course, is who their soulmate is – which offers them the chance to pursue that person. They could just as easily, though, be met with the words “Your soulmate hasn’t tested yet.”

And, as a devastated Kurt Shepard learns in the series, the test can point you to your soulmate too late, forcing you to grieve for the love of your life that…

Well, that you never actually had a chance to meet.

Thank goodness there’s an ominous church that helps those whose soulmates have already passed on, eh?

“Your soulmate is the person you will love the most, more than anyone else,” explains series co-creator Will Bridges.

“A soulmate isn’t someone who is going to fix you. It’s the person you will feel love for the strongest, and it’s undeniable. Does that mean true happiness, or the best person for you?”

Is there a trailer for Soulmates?

You can watch the eerie first trailer for Soulmates below:

How many episodes of Soulmates are there?

The anthology series is made up of just six episodes, each of which tells us a provocative story about the cost of finding true love.

And, as promised by Deadline, each episode will be very “different in tone and feature a spectrum of people and relationships,” much as Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror does.

Who stars in the cast of Soulmates?

Kingsley Ben-Adir, Sarah Snook, Bill Skarsgård, Charlie Heaton, Malin Akerman, Georgina Campbell, Betsy Brandt, Shamier Anderson, and JJ Feild lead the cast of Soulmates.

They are joined by Dolly Wells, Anna Wilson-Jones, Emily Bevan, David Costabile, and Karima McAdams, as well as many more big names.

What are people saying about Soulmates?

Soulmates has yet to air in the UK, but it premiered overseas via AMC last October and was immediately renewed for a second season.

“What’s great about Soulmates is its focus on the practical,” says Allison Keene of Paste Magazine.

“It’s a new way to explore an old subject regarding romantic relationships and how we search for partners.”

CNN, meanwhile, notes: “Soulmates is an especially savvy concept, and among the best anthology series to come along in a while amid a flurry of mostly mediocre ones.”

Uproxx says: “The series boasts a stellar cast, strong writing, and a tone that could easily be confused with Black Mirror.”

And Mashable’s review promises: “Soulmates gives its characters the space to ask fascinating questions about romance without settling on a single message or ‘right’ way to find love. And none of the episodes feel preachy.”

When is Soulmates coming to Amazon Prime?

Soulmates will become available to UK viewers on 8 February via Amazon Prime Video – just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Will you be watching?

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