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Ted Lasso season 2: everything you need to catch up with from the first season

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Ted Lasso is the Apple TV+ series that everyone is talking about, so make sure you’re up to date with the hit comedy.

Last year, Ted Lasso was the surprise hit series that people fell in love with during the pandemic. Starring Jason Sudeikis in the titular (and now iconic) role, the Apple TV+ comedy drama went on to score 20 Primetime Emmy Award nominations and Sedeikis picked up a Golden Globe. And, as Apple TV+ has just dropped the 12-episode second season, the hype is bigger than ever. 

If you’re yet to jump on the Ted Lasso train, here’s what’s happened so far, including where things were left in the last episode of the first season.

Based in West London, the story starts with recently divorced Rebecca Welton (Hannah Waddingham), who is the new owner of AFC Richmond, a struggling (fictional) team in the Premier League. To get revenge on her cheating ex-husband, Rebecca resolves to hire the most incompetent coach she can find to ruin the club, as it was the only thing he ever loved.

Enter Ted Lasso, an optimistic American football coach who knows nothing about ‘soccer’. (Fun fact: Sudeikis originally debuted as the titular character in 2013 as part of a series of commercials for NBC Sports to promote their coverage of the Premier League.)

Despite his (very comical) inexperience of the sport, Ted manages to win over the hearts of the team and fans through his honesty, charisma and determination. Even Rebecca, who hired Ted to watch him fail, warms to him throughout the episodes. 

Hannah Waddingham and Jason Sudeikis
Ted Lasso: Hannah Waddingham as Rebecca and Jason Sudeikis as Ted.

In the last episode, emotions are everywhere as AFC Richmond faces Manchester City – a game they (and everybody) expect to lose. At one point, Ted even asks the referee to explain what “offsides” mean. Despite a passionate game, which AFC Richmond manage to lead for a short while, it’s Manchester City who eventually wins. 

Ted gives a great after-match speech to the team about hope and being together – but he’s also looking for some encouragement himself. As he gives his letter of resignation to Rebecca, he is delighted to learn that she actually has big plans for him and the team. The episode ends on the same gag from the pilot, with Lasso spitting out his water.

So, what has season two got in store for fans? Let’s take a look at the trailer…

“Are you ready to believe again?” is the big question, as A.F.C. Richmond confronts its big loss last season. But Ted and his team are continuing to journey to success in the same way that fans know and love the show for.

After a summer of obsessively following the Euros and with the Premier League just weeks away from starting, this is perhaps the most timely comedy on our screens.

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