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BBC’s The Apprentice returns: 15 of the most hilarious reactions from last night’s premiere episode

The Apprentice returned with a group of 16 new candidates last night on BBC One, and the internet was quick to react in the most hilarious way possible.

The Apprentice is back and, with Sir Alan Sugar at the helm, 16 new candidates prepare to battle it out in a series of (wonderful and ridiculous) tasks for the highly coveted business investment prize of £250,000.

It’s the show that provokes a similar reaction to a jar of Marmite, but one thing’s for certain – it sure does know how to make us laugh.

Having premiered on BBC One last night, the first episode drew in its fair share of reactions. Ranging from downright confusion, empathy and, of course, leaving many of us thinking we could do a better job in that boardroom.

Here are 15 of the best reactions from last night’s The Apprentice episode. 

With a new series, comes a slew of new Alan Sugar jokes. This time round, though, we got a pandemic-related pun (lucky us?) with: “In this board room you don’t get furloughed, you get fired.”

Maybe it’s because £250,000 is on the line – or Sir Alan is an intimidating person – but the candidates are always on hand to make him feel like a born comedian:

Five minutes in and all of our thoughts were going to:

As ever, we’ve already started forming our opinions on *certain* candidates:

Let’s have a minute of silence for all of the graphic designers that have to sit quietly in those tense group design sessions…

Speaking of logos, many of us will be haunted by one image and one image only:

It’s giving “health hazard warning” for some reason:

The red flag to end all red flags:

The scrambling for explanations certainly did make us giggle:

The logo for Bouji Cruises, though, wasn’t much better:

Why are all of the advertisement challenges so hilarious to watch?

Karren Brady and her iconic facial expressions are the main thing we look forward to in any episode of The Apprentice:

While we may have finished watching that first brilliant episode with a mixture of utter confusion and aching cheek muscles, it’s definitely made us excited for the coming weeks of The Apprentice. We may be jumping the gun but interviews week, people:

Catch up with The Apprentice on BBC iPlayer now and watch episodes weekly on BBC One every Thursday at 9pm.

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Image: BBC