4 reasons why ‘The Girlfriend Experience’ is the wild ride we all need right now

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girlfriend experience Julia Goldani Telles

The latest series of the sex and relationship-focused anthology series is back – this is why it should become your new TV obsession…

If, like us, you’ve basically watched every box-set in existence over the last 12 months, inspiration for your next go-to TV show might understandably be running a little dry.

Not only that, but after a year of doing exactly the same thing every day, we’re absolutely crying out for shows that are big on imagination, putting us in outlandish situations that offer escapism in place of crushing, numbing familiarity.

That’s why we’re so excited by the return of The Girlfriend Experience, the sexy, psychological drama whose third series is available to watch on STARZPLAY now.

Here’s why it’s about to become your next small-screen obsession…

  • 1. The story is super-gripping

    Girlfriend Experience Julia Goldani Telles

    This season of The Girlfriend Experience follows Iris (played by The Affair star Julia Goldani Telles), an American neuroscience major head-hunted by a London tech company who are in the business of trying to understand and quantify human desire.

    What the company plans to do with that info is slightly murky, but Iris is only too happy to kick-start her career and start living her life.

    However, desire is tricky to pin down through data alone, and so Iris decides to bolster her research by taking on a second job as Cassie, a high-end escort at also-quite-shady agency, The V.

    Racking up a client list of London’s great and good, she sets about seducing them date by date, giving them whatever “girlfriend experience” they want, and working out exactly what makes them tick.

    Needless to say, things get pretty wild pretty quick, and the twisty-turny plot is sure to hook you in from the very first episode.

  • 2. You don’t need to have seen the first two series

    Girlfriend Experience Julia Goldani Telles

    The Girlfriend Experience is an anthology show, which means that each season tells a complete story that stands alone.

    That means that even if you haven’t seen the other two, you can absolutely start watching now without fear of not understanding what’s going on.

    Plus, if you’re into it (which you definitely will be), you know you have two more stories to discover once you’re done, as well as Steven Soderbergh’s movie of the same name, from which the show takes its inspiration. 


  • 3. It’s extremely glam

    Girlfriend Experience Julia Goldani Telles

    From the minute Iris becomes Cassie, with a whole host of wigs, outfits and personas at her disposal, the show really comes into its own.

    While the glossy camerawork makes even an office job crunching data sets look sexy, “Cassie” catapults Iris into a scene filled with luxury and drama that will be purest escapism for anyone who’s spent the last year working from their kitchen table.

    It’s a hugely seductive world, and one that soon has Iris blurring the lines between business and pleasure.

    Word of warning – if you haven’t already booked yourself a whole ton of tables at restaurants you’re not quite sure you can afford, this might be the trigger to do just that.

  • 4. It’s sexy but not sleazy

    Girlfriend Experience Julia Goldani Telles

    The previous two seasons of The Girlfriend Experience also focused on the world of escorting, and you can expect things to get pretty steamy this time around too.

    That said, Iris is an extremely empowered protagonist, who leverages her client relationships for her own research while also getting off on the sense of adventure her new life has offered her.

    It also helps that there’s a woman behind the camera, with German filmmaker Anja Marquardt on both writing and directing duties.

    As a result, the male gaze comes strictly from Iris’s clients, while the show itself takes a much more wide-ranging look at sex and desire.

To watch the latest season of The Girlfriend Experience, sign up to STARZPLAY now. STARZPLAY is the only place you can see The Girlfriend Experience, with new episodes available every Sunday.