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The Rig: this tense new Amazon series is for anyone who loved Bodyguard

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Here’s everything we know about new thriller series, The Rig, which will be helmed by the man who directed episodes of Bodyguard and Line of Duty.

As we race through this year’s freshest and most-talked about boxsets during lockdown, TV fans are wondering what entertainment treats will be waiting for us next year. With the pandemic slowing down filming on many productions, will there even be much for us to binge? 

Fear not: there’s plenty of top telly ahead. Earlier today, we announced that filming for the second season of Gentleman Jack has started. And Netflix has also shared the news that You season three has resumed production. And it would take more than coronavirus to stop the Changing Rooms reboot to happen.

Now, Amazon Prime Video has just confirmed a brand new series about to start production – and it sounds gripping.

The Rig is a thriller that will be directed by Line of Duty and Bodyguard’s John Strickland.

The series follows the crew of the Kishorn Bravo oil rig, which is stationed off the Scottish coast in the dangerous waters of the North Sea. This means that the whole production will be filmed exclusively in Scotland (good news for Outlander fans). 

The official logline says: “When the crew are due to return to the mainland, a mysterious and all-enveloping fog rolls through and they find themselves cut off from all communication with the shore and the outside world.

“As they endeavour to discover what’s driving this force, bonds are broken, allegiances formed and generational fault lines exposed. The crew of the Bravo will be driven to the limits of both their loyalties and their endurance, into a confrontation with forces beyond their imagination.”

Vicky McClure, Adrian Dunbar and Martin Compston in the TV drama series Line of Duty
John Strickland, who directed episodes of Line of Duty, will direct The Rig.

Although production is yet to start on The Rig, we do know that the six-part series will start filming next year. Hopefully, that means it might be ready for us by the end of 2021.

Georgia Brown, director of European Amazon Originals for Prime Video, said: “The Rig is a brilliant story, expertly told, in the most dramatic of settings. It asks searching questions about nature and the environment, about what it takes to survive and to be human, which feels very pertinent to the world we are living in now.”

Something tells us that it’s going to be worth waiting for. In the meantime, you can catch up with Bodyguard and Line of Duty on BBC iPlayer.

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