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The Third Day: what to expect from this weekend’s “live event” with Jude Law and Florence Welch

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The first part of Sky’s The Third Day came to a conclusion last night, but the series is far from over. Here’s what to expect from the second part – a “live theatrical event” – starring Jude Law, Katherine Waterston and Florence Welch coming this weekend. Warning: this article contains spoilers for part one of The Third Day.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt to expect from Sky’s The Third Day, it’s that nothing is ever straightforward on Osea Island.

As the first part of the series – ‘Summer’ – came to an end last night, there were more than enough twists, turns and ‘what the fuck just happened’ moments to last an entire season, let alone just one episode.

But that’s what makes The Third Day so great. If like me, you’re someone who loves a TV show which is filled with little details and loose ends to tie up, then you’ll love the mystery and suspense of Osea Island – as Sam’s story came to an end and the show answered some of the biggest questions that have hung over the plot since episode one, there were still plenty of mysteries left to be solved. 

And that’s what makes the show’s next instalment – ‘Autumn’ – so exciting. In a rather unorthodox turn of events, part two of The Third Day is not a ‘normal’ episode like those that have aired so far, but a 12-hour live “theatrical” event taking place this weekend ahead of the show’s third part ‘Winter’ starring Naomie Harris.

The live stream will feature cast members from the series, including Jude Law and Katherine Waterston, as well as Florence Welch (whose music made an appearance in the first episode). It will be available to watch for free on Sky Arts and Sky TV’s Facebook page from 9:30 am on 3 October. 

The “live event” – which is being put together by experimental theatre company Punchdrunk – will follow the events of a single day in the lives of The Third Day’s characters and is being broadcast live from Osea Island in Essex. According to the event’s description, “in one continuous and cinematic take” the stream will reveal “the rituals and traditions of the islanders… as the line between what is real and what is not increasingly blurs”.  

Even if you weren’t a big fan of the first three episodes (things definitely got a little confusing at times, but we recommend giving them all a go), you’ve got to admit that the prospect of a 12 hour live episode is pretty intriguing.

After it was revealed in episode three that Sam is a descendant of the island’s founder Frederick Nicholas Carrington, we’re excited to learn more about the strange history of this intriguing place – and find out whether Sam and his son (who, we found out, is actually still alive) were forced to stay on the island after that cliff-hanger of an ending.

We’re also pretty excited to see Law back in action once again – his acting in this series is second-to-none, and while I won’t ever be able to see him in quite the same way in The Holiday, his portrayal of Sam is so compelling I can’t wait to see him perform live.

So what questions are still left to be answered as we go into this weekend’s “live event”? Let’s take a closer look.

How is Jess connected to the island?

At the end of episode three, we saw Jess turn on Sam and return him to the islanders to be able to see her daughters. In a twist we kind of saw coming, Jess’ husband knows the people on the island because they come from “a place like” Osea, and she mustn’t disobey the islander’s wishes if she wants to keep her children.

The confusing part in all of this comes when Jess brings Sam back to the mainland, and the two blonde girls who have appeared in the background throughout the series (always holding hand with the mysterious ‘father’ figure, by the way) are revealed to be Jess’ daughters. 

Seeing as Jess has been acting as if she’s on some kind of holiday by herself, and that her problems are far away from Osea, it’s a bit of a surprise to see her daughters mixed up in the mystery of the island. How is Jess connected to Osea? And is her controlling husband on the island, too? 

Jess' daughters in The Third Day
The Third Day: Jess' daughters have been on Osea the whole time.

What’s with all the crickets?

We’ve seen plenty of brightly coloured crickets throughout the series, but we’re still in the dark about what their presence on Osea really means.

In the concluding moments of episode three, the camera pans out from Sam and his son and reveals thousands of crickets swarming around the island, in what can only be interpreted as a sign of what’s to come.

We have been given some clues about what those crickets might symbolise – earlier on in the episode, Jess tells Sam some cultures believe crickets are either “a sign of rain and flooding” or a sign of death.

All we can hope is that this weekend’s live stream sheds some more light on why there’s so many crickets on this island, and what they might mean for Osea’s future.

Jude Law as Sam in Sky's The Third Day
The Third Day: will Sam accept his fate?

Has Sam accepted his fate?

The end of ‘Summer’ shows Sam heading into the island’s “big house” with his son in his arms, after the former father of the island takes his own life.

Up until this point Sam has been vehemently opposed to staying on the island, and made it very clear that he doesn’t believe in the islanders’ way of life – but is he willing to accept it all to stay with his son?

Because this weekend’s live stream is set in the autumn after Sam’s arrival on the island, we should get to see what happened next after the events of the summer. Has Sam started to believe in the Osea way of life? Has he willingly accepted his role as the ‘father’? We’ll have to wait and see.

To catch up on the first two episodes of The Third Day, you can check out our recaps of episode one and two.

The first three episodes of The Third Day are also now available to stream on Sky Go and NOW TV. 

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