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Sky’s The Third Day: Naomie Harris arrives on Osea Island in this exclusive new trailer

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The Third Day’s first two episodes already had us on the edge of our seats, but as Naomie Harris’ character arrives on Osea Island later on in the series, things are set to get a lot more intense.

As the first part of The Third Day comes to its conclusion tonight, we’re looking forward to the next instalment of this gripping psychological thriller.

The series – which is split into three parts, ‘Autumn,’ ‘Winter’ and ‘Summer’ – follows the story of two characters: Sam, played by Jude Law, and Helen, played by Naomie Harris. The stories – which each span three episodes – are being split by a live ‘theatrical’ event taking place on 3 October, after the final episode of ‘Autumn’ airs tonight on Sky Atlantic. 

The Third Day will then shift its focus towards Helen’s story, which takes place on Osea Island in the winter after Sam’s time on the island. And now, in an exclusive new trailer, we’ve been given our first look at what Helen’s arrival on the island might mean for her and her two daughters. 

The trailer, which you can watch below, shows Helen arrive on Osea Island for what she describes as a “holiday” with her two daughters. However, in reality, Helen’s attraction to Osea comes not from a desire to escape the difficult events of the past year, but from her search for a missing person whom she believes is on the island.

However, as Sam found out in part one of the series, life on Osea isn’t always what it seems, and Helen quickly finds herself tied up in the islanders’ mysterious rituals and is left facing a tough decision – leave the island and guarantee her safety, or put her family at risk to seek the thing she wants.

Unlike the first part in the series, we as the audience are all too aware of the dangers Helen might face as she makes her way to Osea – and that’s what makes this part even more special. 

Speaking about her love for her character ahead of the trailer’s release, Harris said she was attracted to the role because of Helen’s “incredibly complex nature”.

“I love the character I play,” she explained. “She gets to show so many layers of who she is. She’s fierce, she’s strong, she’s powerful and aggressive, and a warrior at times. But she’s also a mother who is loving and gentle and is suffering from grief.”

She continues: “[The Third Day is] a real exploration of grief and what that does to relationships. I think people who have lost someone will find a deep connection and find it a cathartic experience. And generally, it’s an enjoyable, intriguing, mentally stimulating and emotionally stirring piece of work that people will be drawn to.

The Third Day: Helen arrives on Osea Island with her two daughters.
The Third Day: Helen arrives on Osea Island with her two daughters.

“It’s such an interesting world that’s been created, that’s so unlike anything that’s been done in TV or film before. I think people will love the freshness of it.”

Although we’ve still got a little while to wait until Harris’ episodes land on our screens (the first episode of ‘Winter’ airs on 6 October), it’s safe to say this new trailer has got us very excited for what’s to come in the rest of The Third Day.

To catch up on the first two episodes of The Third Day and take a closer look at the questions that are yet to be answered, you can check out our recaps of episode one and two. 

The first two episodes of The Third Day are now available to stream on Sky Go and NOW TV. The third episode airs tonight at 9pm on Sky Atlantic.

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