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The Undoing episode 5 recap: things just got incredibly dark for the Frasers

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The Undoing’s penultimate episode may answer some of our biggest questions from previous episodes, but we’re still no closer to working out who really killed Elena. Warning: this article contains spoilers for episode five of The Undoing.

The Undoing episode five may take us into the often-rigid confines of the courtroom, but that doesn’t mean the twists we’ve come to expect from this high-stakes drama are any less frequent. 

For starters, The Undoing episode five point-blank refused to release any of the tension created at the end of last week’s episode. Just when we thought Jonathan was going to share his suspicions about who killed Elena (you know, if it wasn’t him), we don’t get to see any more of the interview to find out further details. Chances are he didn’t name anyone anyway (there’s no mention of it during the rest of the episode) but it’s still frustrating not to be able to see how his TV appearance plays out. 

Despite this, however, we do get a chance to find out more about Jonathan’s suspicions later on in the episode, when we see him talking to Grace about her “walk” on the night of Elena Alves’ death. Although Grace has apparently been ruled out as a suspect, Jonathan is quick to question why she was near Elena’s apartment on the night of her death and asks Grace whether she was following him. Grace is, understandably, pissed off by Jonathan’s line of questioning – and the pair are interrupted by onlookers before she has the chance to respond.

After those early moments, the rest of the episode largely plays out in the courtroom or with Jonathan’s lawyer, Haley Fitzgerald (played by the absolutely incredible Noma Dumezweni). Her defence is twofold – firstly, she stresses how important it is that Grace plays the “loving wife” role to win the jurors over, and secondly, she tries to cast doubt over the police’s investigation into Fernando Alves. 

Noma Dumezweni as Haley Fitzgerald
The Undoing episode 5: Noma Dumezweni plays Haley Fitzgerald, Jonathan's hard-hitting defence lawyer.

Outside the courtroom, however, there are a number of key revelations. Firstly, we find out that Jonathan’s childhood dog who was hit by a car – the one Grace described in episode one – was actually his younger sister, who was killed in a road accident when he was supposed to be looking after her. He seems remorseful when he tells Grace about this accident – he cries, and the pair embrace after a previously heated conversation – but this isn’t the end of it.

Later on, when Grace gets in contact with Jonathan’s mother to find out more about his background, she informs Grace that Jonathan never grieved his sister’s death – in fact, he never apologised or felt bad about his part in it, either. 

However, the most shocking moment in the episode comes at the very end of the 60 minutes, when Grace discovers something lurking in the bottom of Henry’s violin case – the hammer used to kill Elena. Could Henry have killed her? Is he hiding it for Jonathan? Or could Grace have used the hammer and Henry hid it to protect her? So! Many! Questions!

If the fifth episode of The Undoing left you with more questions than answers, you’re not the only one. But don’t fear – here, we’ve done our best to unpick them all.

Was Grace following Jonathan?

If, like me, you don’t buy the whole “I was going for a walk” excuse Grace keeps giving for why she was near Elena’s apartment on the night of her murder, then this theory probably sounds particularly intriguing. 

After all, it would make sense – if she suspected Jonathan was having an affair (or at the very least he wasn’t headed to the hospital like he said he was) it wouldn’t be unreasonable for her to follow him to see where he was going.

Whether or not that means Grace was involved in Elena’s murder is a whole other kettle of fish – the police say they have footage of her walking away from the crime scene, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to rule Grace out of the equation just yet. 

Nicole Kidman as Grace and Hugh Grant as Jonathan in The Undoing
The Undoing episode 5: was Grace following Jonathan on the night of Elena's murder?

How did Grace know what the hammer looked like?

When the prosecuting lawyer was banging a replica of the murder weapon back in forth in her hand, a thought struck me – why, when Grace pictured Elena’s killing, did she know exactly what the murder weapon looked like?

I’d always assumed that these moments were Grace picturing what happened rather than a flashback rooted in reality – but perhaps that isn’t quite the case. 

Is Fernando being treated by Grace?

During Fernando’s cross-examination, he admits that both he and his wife have received psychological treatment in the past.

It might be a far fetch, but what are the chances that Fernando was seeing Grace – who just so happens to be a very successful therapist – and that’s why he kept following her and asking to talk?

There’s also the possibility that Elena was talking to Grace, too – although there’s not much to go on, it seems logical to assume that all this talk of psychological treatment must be somehow related to Grace’s expertise. 

Fernando in The Undoing
The Undoing episode 5: could Fernando be receiving treatment from Grace?

Is Jonathan really a psychopath?

According to Jonathan’s mother, he showed little to no remorse after the death of his little sister – despite the fact that he was in charge of looking after her at the time of her death.

Although this sounds pretty damning, I’m reluctant to take Jonathan’s mothers words at face value. She’s clearly not a very warm lady – she takes time out of her phone call with Grace to correct her grammar – and she seems to blame Jonathan completely for his little sister’s death, despite the fact that it was an accident, albeit a very tragic one.

Could she be letting her anger towards Jonathan cloud her opinion? And if so, should we believe Jonathan when he tells Grace he’s remorseful about what happened?

Why does Henry have that hammer?

Well that was a plot twist, wasn’t it? Just when we discovered that Jonathan might actually be a psychopath, we find out that his son is hiding the murder weapon in his violin case.

However, as dramatic as it would be to see Henry unveiled as the murderer, I don’t think that’s the case. Instead, I think he’s hiding it for either Jonathan, Grace or Franklin – and I can’t wait to find out which in next week’s episode.

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