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The Undoing fans already have theories about what really happened

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Here are the theories that fans are sharing after watching the second episode of HBO’s The Undoing.

Spoiler warning: this article contains details of episodes one and two of The Undoing.

In a digital age where TV fans are so used to bingeing new boxsets, it’s almost painful waiting for the weekly episodes of The Undoing. We’re only onto episode two, but fans are already hooked and wanting more.

However, despite the frustration over having to wait for the next dose of Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant’s psychological thriller, it does also give people time to really think about what’s going on and cook up some theories. 

And that’s exactly what people are doing…

To quickly recap the first two episodes: Grace (Kidman) and Jonathan (Hugh) are a very privileged and happily married New York couple, both at the top of their game in the medical field. But their world is turned upside down when a woman called Elena befriends Grace and becomes weirdly obsessed with her. In a matter of days after their first meeting, Grace learns that Elena has been brutally murdered – and the prime suspect is Jonathan, who disappeared the morning after the killing. 

Grace’s world quickly unravels as she loses control and discovers her husband has been telling her lies for months. By the end of episode two, we see Jonathan secretly reappear to tell Grace that he had an affair with Elena, but he insists he didn’t murder her. Grace calls the police as Jonathan runs off again.

The question is: did he do it? Here are some fan theories:

Is Jonathan the father of Elena’s baby?

“So… does this mean Jonathan is the father of Elena’s baby?” asked one fan. “Let’s investigate.”

As he has already admitted to having a sexual relationship with Elena, this one could very well be true.

Is Grace’s friend Sylvia involved?

“Blonde haired friend is super weird,” asserted a viewer. 

And she’s right: Sylvia admitted to Grace that she gave Jonathan legal advice when he was suspended from work for having an affair with Elena (whose son he was treating for cancer).

Did Grace’s father or son kill Elena?

“Who else thinks Grace’s father or son killed Elena in The Undoing?” asked a fan. 

It’s definitely worth considering. Surely Donald Sutherland, who plays Grace’s dad, Franklin, wasn’t cast to play a boring secondary character? There’s definitely more to him. 

And Grace’s young son, Henry, does seem weirdly mature and calm about the whole situation. 

Is Jonathan too much of an obvious choice to be the killer?

“I am loving this, but the only flaw is how they’re pushing the Jonathan is guilty narrative so hard he can’t possibly be…?” added a viewer. 

Again, it’s a very good point. It wouldn’t be much of a thriller series if we already know who the killer is by episode two, right? RIGHT?!

Did Grace kill Elena?

“Do we think Grace did it? Why would she be having such vivid flashbacks of the murder scene?” asked this Twitter user. And a lot of people have been sharing this theory, too.

Can we fully trust her as a narrator? Why does she keep seeing things? Did she know more than she’s let on? It’s all very possible.

But we’re going t have to wait and tune into next week’s episode to get some new details. 

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