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The Serpent star Jenna Coleman to play woman who ran Winston Churchill’s secret Whitehall bunker

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The actor will lead a show named The War Rooms, which will tell the story of a group of women who helped win a world war.

Jenna Coleman – the star who brought us The Serpent’s complicated-yet-compelling Marie-Andrée Leclerc – has been tapped up for what will undoubtedly be another amazing role.

She will play Joan Bright, the woman who ran Winston Churchill’s secret Whitehall bunker, the lead character in a new TV drama series called The War Rooms.

The show will bring the words of the real-life Joan’s memoir (named The Inner Circle: A View Of War At The Top) to the screen. It looks like multiple seasons are planned, with each one set to be looking at 12-18 month periods of the second world war. The show will concentrate on the stories of Joan and the women she knew and worked with, as well as how they helped shape the country’s victory. Powerful stuff.

It sounds like Bright had quite a life, and we could be in for quite a ride while watching her story. In addition to her experiences at Whitehall, she was also reportedly a former girlfriend of James Bond author Ian Fleming and became one of the inspirations behind Miss Moneypenny.

The War Rooms is set to be produced by David Parfitt, who was also a producer of The Father, which won two awards at the 2021 Oscars.

“Joan Bright was never going to live a conventional life – a young woman who lived her war days under the Official Secrets Act, undercover and underground in the war rooms,” Jenna has said. “This story is so compelling not only because of her unique and liberal mind, wryness of spirit and curiosity to live, but because of the opportunity to examine this endlessly fascinating period of time through an intimate and human lens.

“The beauty and fragility of human connection when living through a time when no one knows what tomorrow will bring,” she added. I’m so excited to unearth these hidden lives and at a time where it feels so shockingly relevant right now.”

“We want to shine a light on the remarkable and unheralded women who helped win a world war and contributed to shaping our modern society,” writer David Chidlow says. 

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