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ITV’s Trigger Point finale: the internet reacts to the dramatic final episode as the hit series is renewed for season two

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ITV’s Trigger Point has captivated viewers for the past six weeks and has now come to an end – here’s how to the internet reacted to the dramatic finale last night. 

If, like us, your mind has been whirring with bomb disposal thoughts and theories these past six Sundays, you’ll be pleased to find out that ITV’s Trigger Point has been renewed for a second season.

The Vicky McClure drama is not to be confused with Line Of Duty, as McClure pointed out to us, but it still boasts the same tension and twists we expect of any good Jed Mercurio drama.

The series follows Lana Washington (McClure) and her team of expos (ex-military and experienced bomb disposal operatives) as they try to keep London safe in the midst of a “terrorist summer campaign”. 

Vicky McClure Trigger Point
McClure says Trigger Point was the "most physical job I've ever done".

ITV confirmed that over 11 million people tuned into the first episode, so it only seems right that the series has been confirmed for a second season. Although 2023 is a little way off, the finale last night certainly cemented the drama as the kind of weekend whodunnit that we all know and love.

Each episode brought about a fresh set of questions, but really, we all just wanted to know who was behind the attacks. Who could the perpetrator be, we asked? And the internet had thoughts of its own.

We already knew we were in for a variety of emotions, ranging from curiosity to anger:

It’s a good thing ITV Hub and BBC iPlayer are things we know and love, though. The scheduling of Trigger Point’s finale and the premiere of Peaky Blindersfinal season was a minefield to navigate:

Although some people saw the conclusion coming (and others were taken suitably by surprise), there’s no denying that McClure really shone in this ITV series:

And if there was one thing to come out of the explosions, drama and deceit, it’s the fact that Danny and Lana are our favourite friendship duo:

Could Lana and Danny be the new Steve and Kate? We say they can’t be compared but our hearts were definitely full once Martin Compston shared the Trigger Point love:

After that dramatic finale, we may not be able to turn light switches on in quite the same way:

But we’re definitely excited to see what’s in store for Lana in the second season of Trigger Point:

You can watch all episodes of Trigger Point on ITV Hub now.

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