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Trigger Point: the trailer for Vicky McClure’s new ITV drama is brilliantly chaotic

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ITV has finally given us our first real look at Vicky McClure and Jed Mercurio’s new drama Trigger Point – and it’s as intense as you might expect.

In the aftermath of Line Of Duty’s season six finale earlier this year, Vicky McClure shared details of the new ITV drama she’d be turning her focus to next – Trigger Point

And now, over six months later, we’ve finally been treated to the first trailer for the explosive new series – and it’s jam-packed with gripping moments.

If you’re not yet familiar with the premise of Trigger Point, let us catch you up. The series – which is set to air ‘next year’ on ITV – will see McClure take on the role of Lana Washington, a bomb disposal operative within the Metropolitan Police’s Bomb Disposal Squad. 

Produced by Line Of Duty creator Jed Mercurio and starring Life and Trauma actor Adrian Lester, Trigger Point will follow McClure’s character as she works to keep London safe in the midst of a “terrorist summer campaign”. Intense, right? 

In the new trailer, which aired on ITV last night, we get a taste of this intensity. Opening with a shot of McClure’s character walking towards a bus in a bomb suit, the trailer flicks to a shot of her covered in debris, presumably after a bomb has gone off.

“My gut tells me we’re dealing with sophisticated bombers,” McClure can be heard saying, as she’s shown taking part in a raid of a suspected bomb factory in an unassuming flat.

From here, things quickly descend into chaos. The camera flicks between shots of multiple scenarios, including someone tied up in the boot of a car and the bomb squad cutting a wire, all while shots of McClure’s character covered in debris pop up on screen. 

We also learn that the team’s suspect is someone with police training – making the job of uncovering their identity even trickier.  

As the trailer comes to a close, a red timer pops up on screen counting down to zero, as McClure’s breathing can be heard in the background. It’s disorienting and confusing in the best way – and we can’t wait to see more when the series finally hit screens.

For now, however, we’ll just have to wait for an update as to when we can expect Trigger Point to air on ITV. Here’s hoping to an early 2022 release date, hey? 

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