Undercover season 2: everything you need to know about the gritty Netflix crime drama

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With shady double-dealings in the world of drugs and weapon smuggling, Netflix crime series Undercover is back for season two this November. 

Breakthrough crime drama Undercover was the surprise hit of 2019 – and now it’s back for season two. 

The Flemish-Dutch drama built up a cult following last year, with a mesmerisingly tense plotline inspired by a real-life effort to catch one of the Netherland’s most infamous drug lords. 

With a style that stands somewhere between Homeland and the French TV series Spiral, Undercover blends nail-biting suspense with thrilling live-action scenes, and a sophisticated line in storytelling. 

Undercover season one was such a breakthrough success, we knew the fans needed more,” says Lina Brouneus, Director of co-production and acquisition at Netflix.

Here’s everything you need to know ahead of season two.

Undercover spotlights the gritty world of international drug moguls

What’s the story behind Undercover

Season one follows two police agents, Bob Lemmens and Kim De Rooij, as they go undercover, posing as a couple at a campground. Their operation is designed to ensnare international drugs kingpin and all-round bad guy Ferry Bouman, who spends his weekends at the park. A series of high-risk drug deals ensue, as the agents become increasingly caught up in their target’s inner circle (including Ferry’s wife, Danielle); coming closer to danger at every turn.  The trick, of course, is not to let their cover slip.

The plot is loosely inspired by the real-life arrest of Janus van W, one of the world’s most notorious drug dealers, following a 14-year investigation by authorities in Belgium and the Netherlands. Known as “Harry Potter” because of his studious look, Janus ran an international drugs empire from a holiday camp in Belgium. 

Season one saw Kim charming Ferry's wife, Danielle, as part of a hit operation

Where does Undercover season 2 pick up?

Season two picks up almost a year after we last saw agents Kim and Bob in action. Thanks to them, Ferry is behind bars: but he is still a looming and ominous presence. Wielding power from prison, he puts his contacts to work in figuring out the true identities of the couple who landed him there. Meanwhile, Ferry’s wife Danielle struggles with their teenage daughter Polly, who is hellbent on finding out who her father really is.

Over in the deep cover world, Kim is on a mission of her own. Now working for a human rights NGO, her investigation into illegal arms trade in Syria leads her to a horse riding ranch based deep in the Belgian countryside. Bob soon comes on-board to help (“still hunting down bastard?” he asks her), as he seeks to infiltrate the lives of two arms-dealing brothers living on the ranch. 

Who stars in Undercover season 2?

Tom Waes returns for season two

Frank Lammers stars as Ferry, a drug lord so convincingly evil he landed his own spin-off show, while Elise Schaap returns as his wife, Danielle. Anna Drijver and Tom Waes also reprise their lead roles as agents Kim and Bob. 

Newcomers this season include Wim Willaert and Sebastien Dewaele as weapon-smuggling brothers Laurent and Jean-Pierre Berger.

What are people saying about Undercover season 2?

Thanks to the fact that season two was released to Dutch audiences in September, we already have a sneak peak at what lies ahead – and judging from early feedback of people who’ve seen it, coupled with the anticipation of those who haven’t, we’re in for a treat.

Is there a trailer for Undercover season 2? 

There sure is: get your heartbeat in the mood for some uptempo action drama, below.

When is Undercover season 2 released?

Undercover season 2 arrives on Netflix on Sunday 8 November. Bagsie us a prime space on the sofa.

Images: Jo Voets/Netflix

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