Valeria and Victor’s passionate affair in Netflix’s Valeria is well worth tuning in for.

Valeria season 2: Netflix’s sexiest show is getting new episodes this August

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Valeria – aka Netflix’s take on Sex And The City – has proven very popular with viewers, and the much-anticipated second season is due to drop on the streaming platform this summer… 

Every so often, it really does feel as if we’ve watched everything on Netflix. Obviously, though, this isn’t the case – the streaming platform has far too many films and TV shows for any mere mortal to work their way through them all.

If your ‘recommended list’ is full of stuff you’ve seen a thousand times before, though, don’t despair; one of Netflix’s most popular (and sexiest) TV shows is returning this summer with a second season. And this writer suspects that the majority of people reading this article missed it the first time around – primarily because the streaming platform’s clever algorithms only ever tend to show us what it thinks we want to see.

Let’s have a chat, then, about Valeria.

What’s the plot of Valeria?

Warning: some light spoilers ahead.

Based on the novels by Elísabet Benavent, and adapted for TV by María López Castaño, reads like a millennial, Madrid-set version of Sex And The City.

Its eponymous character – a writer, just like Carrie Bradshaw (natch) – hasn’t just been struck by writer’s block; she’s also hit a rough patch in her lacklustre marriage. Thankfully, though, she has her three best friends, Carmen, Lola and Nerea, to lean on, making for some oh-so-watchable comedy.

Netflix's Valeria - Production Stills
Valeria will return to Netflix this August.

More important than all of this, though? 

Well, most viewers are incredibly into the fact that the series leans hard into the sex lives of the fabulous Spanish quartet, bringing us everything from extreme exhibitionism and oral sex, to tender lovemaking and some much-welcome queer sex, too.

The hottest content of all, however, is Valeria’s inevitable affair with her hot new architect crush, Victor – if only because their insatiable need for one another feels so bloody real. Every text exchange, every passing glance, every accidental brush of the hand… it all culminates in some seriously hardcore (sorry not sorry) fucking on kitchen tables, against walls, in the shower, and basically everywhere they possibly can.

It’s a very satisfying love triangle, essentially, and one that leads to the mother of all S1 cliffhangers, too; will Valeria choose Victor, or her husband Adrián?

Is there a trailer for Valeria?

You can watch the full-length trailer for Valeria S2 below:

Who stars in Valeria?

Diana Gómez takes the lead as Valeria, while Spanish model Maxi Iglesias stars opposite her as Victor. Silma López is the outspoken and sexually adventurous Lola, Paula Malia is the stylish (yet ever so anxious) Carmen, and Teresa Riott takes on the role of our loyal LGBTQ+ heroine, Nerea.

Ibrahim Al Shami J, meanwhile, stars as Valeria’s husband of six years. Juanlu González, Júlia Molins, Mero González, Esperanza Guardado, Aitor Luna, and Melissa Fernández all dazzle brightly in the Spanish-language series, too. 

And a special shoutout has to go to Madrid itself; just like New York becomes a character in its own right in SATC, so too does the gorgeous Spanish city. Although, fair warning, it may make you want to up sticks and make a new life for yourself in the beguiling metropolis.

What are people saying about Valeria?

With an appealing cast, sharply written script, gorgeous shots of Madrid, and scenes of an (ahem) erotic nature, it’s no wonder that the show is getting a lot of love from viewers.

Valeria on Netflix: production still
Valeria has been favourably compared to Sex And The City.

“It makes a pleasant change to have a storyline that involves sex and fantasy through the ‘honest’ eyes of women,” reads one four-star audience review on Google.

“I am torn between feeling for the characters and then laughing with them and at them.”

Another, this time awarding the show five stars, says: “Valeria feels a little bit like Sex And The City but younger, lighter, and funnier. 

“It makes you smile more. And it has a hopeful feeling to it.”

One more states: “I finished the entire season one in a single evening, and will be very happy when season two drops.”

And another brands Valeria as “exciting, fresh, real and dramatic in a good real way.” Which, let’s face it, is all we want to hear ahead of storming into a new series, right?

Where can I watch Valeria?

The first season of the show is now streaming on Netflix, and the much-anticipated second season is due to drop on 13 August. Enjoy!

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