Who Killed Sara season 2: Netflix’s most popular show is getting new episodes this May

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With its much-anticipated second season due to drop this May, here’s what you need to know about Netflix’s incredibly popular (and very pulpy) thriller series, Who Killed Sara?

Updated on 11 May: It’s a situation we all know too well: after spending hours scrolling through Netflix and flicking idly through the titles on offer, you come to the conclusion that you’ve genuinely streamed everything worth streaming.

The thing is, though, nobody has ‘completed’ Netflix; how can they, with so many new films and TV shows dropping every single day of the week?

Then there’s the fact that, due to the streaming platform’s clever algorithms, it tends to show us what it thinks we want to see. And this, annoyingly, means that a lot of Netflix’s truly brilliant content isn’t served up on a platter for all to see – you have to go hunting for it.

That’s why I feel pretty confident in assuming that, despite it being one of streaming platform’s most popular TV series this year, the majority of people reading this article won’t have watched Who Killed Sara? yet.

Now, however, is the time to catch up on the mystery thriller, as season two is due to drop on 19 May.

Here’s what you need to know about the series.

What’s the plot of Who Killed Sara?

As reported on 30 March: Titled ¿Quién mató a Sara? in Spanish, this Netflix Original follows a man seeking his sister’s killer after he was framed for her murder.

Who Killed Sara: Carolina Miranda as Elisa
Carolina Miranda shines as Elisa in Who Killed Sara?

As per the official synopsis: “Alex, a man convicted of a crime he did not commit, is released after 18 years behind bars. Upon leaving, he only wants revenge on Rodolfo Lazcano, the person responsible for the death for which he was sentenced.

“Things get complicated when Alex starts a sentimental relationship with Elisa, the Lazcano’s youngest daughter, and when he discovers that Rodolfo is innocent and that someone else, who has skillfully kept in the shadows, was the true cause of his disgrace.”

Is there a trailer for Who Killed Sara?

You can watch the trailer for Who Killed Sara? below:

Who stars in Who Killed Sara?

Manolo Cardona, Ginés García Millán, Carolina Miranda, Alejandro Nones, Claudia Ramírez, Eugenio Siller, and Juan Carlos Remolina star in the thriller.

Ximena Lamadrid, meanwhile, takes on the eponymous role of Sara.

What are people saying about Who Killed Sara?

Boasting a 92% ‘fresh’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes, reviews have been generally positive for this “compelling, revenge-thirsty murder mystery.”

As one critic puts it: “This show has a few logic problems, but its overall vibe is more than energetic enough, with good performances, to keep viewers’ attention.”

Essentially, then, it’s the sort of fun and pulpy thriller that packs a punch – but it doesn’t call for your utterly unbroken concentration and notebooks at the ready, à la Line Of Duty.

Ideal weekend bingeing material, then!

What else do I need to know about Who Killed Sara?

The ending will leave you with many unanswered questions, but don’t be too disappointed: the show has been renewed for a second season, due out in May.

A production still from Netflix's Who Killed Sara?
Will you be watching Who Killed Sara?

Where can I watch Who Killed Sara?

The first season of the show is now streaming on Netflix, and the much-anticipated second season is due to drop on 21 May. Enjoy!

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