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Netflix’s You: Penn Badgley just gave an update on season 3

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Following the news of two new characters, Penn Badgley has just given an update on season 3 of Netflix’s You.

Hello, You. We’ve got some pretty exciting news for fans of the dark comedy Netflix series. 

Earlier this year, it was announced that You season three had started production. The show’s creator, Sera Gamble, shared the update on Twitter way back in February. But things have obviously changed since then, with the coronavirus pandemic halting further production. 

But the show’s main star, Penn Badgley – who plays murderous Joe, has just confirmed that things are very much back in full swing.

“We recommend you stay at least 6 feet from Joe Goldberg at all times,” Netflix tweeted alongside a photo of Badgley wearing a ‘Hello You’ facemask. 

The tweet also confirmed: “You season 3 is back in production.”

It comes a few weeks after it was announced that two new actors, Shalita Grant and Travis Van Winkle, will be joining the cast.

Before we go any further, let’s just recap what’s happened so far…

Seasons one and two of You were based on Caroline Kepnes’ two-book series (You and Hidden Bodies, respectively). In season one, we are  introduced to Joe (Penn Badgley) : a seemingly normal New York indie guy who’s into books and romance. But when he starts dating Bec (Elizabeth Lail), he becomes obsessed and ends up murdering her. 

In season two, Joe moves to Los Angeles where he ends up meeting Love (Victoria Pedretti). The two start dating and, suprise suprise, we see similar behaiours from Joe. However, a twist ending shows Joe moving in to a suburban house with a pregnant Love.

The only hint we have about what season three has in store is the person Joe spots through the fence in season two’s closing scene – his next obsession, perhaps?

Netflix: You
Netflix: You season 3 is on its way.

Speaking with TVLine about the status of Joe and Love’s relationship, Badgley said in an interview: “They’re not soulmates. He’s afraid of her at the end [of season two]. Basically, it’s set up for season three in a way where they would be each other’s arch-nemesis.”

And now we have more hints of what’s ahead, with information on two new characters joining the story.

Shalita Grant will play Sherry, “a ‘Mom-fluencer’ who appears down to earth, but is actually a mean girl who only pretends to welcome Love into her social circle.” Meanwhile, Travis Van Winkle star as Cary, a wealthy guy who “invites Joe into his inner circle.”

Grant has since tweeted saying she is “over the moon” about joining, along with some sinister knife emojis.

That’s all the updates we have for now, but clearly there is a lot of drama (and probably murders) ahead. In the meantime, you can rewatch the first two series all over again on Netflix.

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