Netflix’s Young Royals: this new Scandi drama, all about a dashing prince, sounds royally good

Netflix’s Young Royals: this new Scandi series, all about a teen prince, looks royally good fun

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Love or duty? That’s the question Prince Wilhelm has to answer in the first trailer for Netflix’s Young Royals

Updated on 19 May: Whether it’s something as fun and frothy as The Princess Diaries, or as dramatic and laden with awards potential as The Crown, we’ve long been fascinated with royal dramas.

So, when we learned that Netflix is bringing out a new Swedish TV series about a dashing prince, you better believe that our ears pricked up.

Check out the first trailer for Young Royals, which is due to hit the streaming platform on 1 July, below.

What’s the plot of Young Royals?

As reported on 27 January: On paper, Young Royals (written by Lisa Ambjörn) sounds very much like our cup of tea.

The show follows a teenage Prince Wilhelm as he arrives at Hillerska, a prestigious boarding school in Sweden. And there, away from the prying eyes of the court, he finally gets an opportunity to explore his true self and find out what kind of life he really wants. 

After a somewhat bumpy start, he makes friends; real friends, who aren’t hanging onto his every word because of his royal background. He falls in love, too, with someone who isn’t interested in all the titles that an advantageous marriage to a prince might bring; instead, they love him for who he truly is. So no, it’s not long before he starts dreaming of a future far away from his royal obligations.

Naturally, though, it’s not long before a spanner is thrown in the works; Wilhelm unexpectedly becomes next in line to the throne.

This means, then, that he has to make a choice: love or duty.

Only time will tell which he chooses.

Who stars in the cast of Young Royals?

Leading the cast is Edvin Ryding, who plays Prince Wilhelm, and The Investigation’s Pernilla August as Wilhelm’s mother, Queen Kristina.

Malte Gårdinger (The Sandhamn Murders), Frida Argento (Astrid), newcomer Nikita Uggla, and FO&O band member Omar Rudberg also star in the series as Wilhelm’s new school pals.

Nathalie Varli, Felicia Truedsson, Mimmi Cyon, Ingela Olsson, Rennie Mirro, Livia Millhagen, and David Lenneman, meanwhile, complete the talented cast.

How many episodes of Young Royals will there be?

The series is basically made for binge-watching, as it’s just six episodes. Ideal viewing for a rainy weekend, eh?

When will Young Royals be available to stream on Netflix?

A release date has now been confirmed for Young Royals: it’s coming to our TV and laptop screens on 1 July.

Ideal summer viewing, right?

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