12 times the fashion in Friends was so 2018, you'll have to see it to believe it

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Billie Bhatia
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As we binge-watch Friends with the rest of the nation, we can’t help but notice a few fashion moments feel a little too familiar. Let Rachel, Phoebe and Monica (and sometimes Joey) be your guide to 2018 fashion.

We all know Friends is on Netflix. We know this because we have all been watching it. And, despite the fact we know when Ross is going to ball into the coffee shop and drag out a ‘heeeeyyyy’, when Chandler will laugh at his own jokes, when Phoebe will drum up a song that will be stuck in your head all day (queue ‘lather, rinse, repeat’), when Joey will make you hungry for a sandwich, and when Monica and Rachel will give you all the hair envy (can we still get a Rachel?), we still just can’t get enough.

Friends is pure comfort and joy, but if you needed another reason to binge-watch your favourite moments, just look to the fashion. There are so many inspired looks, you’ll be considering an entire wardrobe of slip dresses and plaid shirts. Don’t believe us? Just look…  

The One With The Anorak 

There is a whole lot of 2018 going on in this episode, especially with regards to Rachel’s anorak. In February, Balenciaga sent a collection down the runway that resembled this very look – oversized, dad-like and a little dishevelled. In fact, it was the collection that spawned a thousand Friends memes. If that isn’t enough to convince you, just take a look at Monica’s very western-looking necklace – if western isn’t 2018, we don’t know what is.

The One With The New Colour Combination

Remember all the colour combinations you were told to steer clear of? Red and pink ranked quite highly on the ‘avoid’ scale, but 2018 says otherwise. Valentino, Alexander McQueen and a bevy of street stylers have been sporting the colour combo to avid applause. Before we all jump aboard, let’s not forget that Phoebe started it first.

The One With The Hair Slides 

Let Monica be your inspiration for the surprise accessory hit of the year: hair slides. If you can’t get your hands on the almost sell-out Simone Rocha versions, be more Monica with a find from your local pharmacy. 

The One With The Streetwear 

If you haven’t invested in pair of sporty trousers this year, have you even lived? As per, Rachel was ahead of the fashion game showing us how to make sporty chic since 1995. 

The One With The Oversized Jumper

Finally a trend for 2018 that hides a multitude of sins: the oversized jumper. Seen at Victoria Beckham, Michael Kors and Tibi, Phoebe has nailed the s/s 2018 styling of this piece by pairing it with a floaty dress. Kudos to you, Phoebs. 

The One With The Gingham 

Gingham made its resurgence last summer as the picnic of all prints and it has remained a strong contender for this summer too. Do like Rachel and smarten up your look with a classic gingham shift dress.

The One With The Tricky Sheer 

Once again, Miss Green leads the pack for trialling a tricky 2018 trend: sheer. When Preen, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Christoper Kane and Armani send sheer down the s/s 2018 runway, you know it’s a thing. Feared by many, sheer is a hard trend to master without veering into ballet dancer tulle territory. Opt for a layered camisole like Rachel in order to own your ‘underwear as outerwear’ look.

The One With The ‘Out Out’ Top

2018 is the (much needed) year of going ‘out-out’ (after the hygge-filled depression of 2017 staying ‘in-in’). This year, women are reclaiming their bodies and their power – so how better to celebrate than by wearing jeans and a nice top? Be more Monica (questionable dance moves not required, but encouraged). 

The One With The Bum Bag 

If you didn’t get on board with the bum bag trend of 2017, there is no escaping it this time around. See, even Joey knows what’s up for 2018. For those super committed to the trend, swing the bag over your shoulder and avoid your waist. 

The One With The Dad Trainers 

I mean, look at them. Look at them! These Friends were retro before retro was retro… or something like that. Get on board. 

The One With The Slip Dress 

Céline made a big call for the return of the slip dress last year and it has been a go to wardrobe staple ever since. With every high street store creating their own version for the spring/summer, Rachel shows us just how hard-working a slip dress can be. 

The One With The Bulldog Clip 

When Alexander Wang sent all his models down the runway with bulldog clips in their hair, there was only one thing everyone was thinking  (or at least we were)… Friends. Can you name a a more iconically Nineties (and yet 2018) hair accessory?

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