20 delicate, minimal and chic bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings

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While we love a statement necklace, those are predominantly reserved for special occasions or parties. For your everyday jewellery wear though, you want something understated and clean to complement your look.

Earrings that aren't so heavy they hurt your ears after a few hours and necklaces that don't feel like you're carrying around a small child, are what you need. 

Here, we've selected the most delicate and elegant pieces of jewellery that are ideal for everyday wear, including some pieces that some of the team wear themselves, so you know they come highly recommended.

They're also great if you need to nudge someone for buying you a lovely Christmas present. Just print this article out and leave it on their side of the bed. 

  • Phoebe Coleman for John Lewis North Star Necklace, Silver

  • Silver Dainty Pearl and Tiny Bird Bracelet



  • Melicent Long Necklace


  • Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Mini Through Earrings


  • Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Mini Through Earrings

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