5 ways to navigate shopping malls like a pro

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These shopping hacks will help you get the most out of your next trip to the mega malls of the world. Note them down and reap the rewards….

Most of us don’t have a shopping strategy when we get to the shopping mall. 

Instead, we’re faced with complexes we’re not that familiar with, our senses get overloaded and it can take at least an hour to find what we came for. 

But while there are a load of welcome distractions in malls (hello restaurants, cinemas, bowling alleys and everything else under the sun), there is a reason we love them so – they host all of our favourite brands under one massive roof. You can’t beat them for convenience. 

So, we’ve drilled down the science to help you get the most out of your shopping experience.

1. Prepare well       

First up, ditch anything you don’t need. 

You want to keep your layers to a minimum so you can super-charge your time in the changing room. 

Ditch bulky coats and long scarves – they’ll only slow you down and drag along the floor. 

The magic of the mall is that it’s indoors, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with weather and changing temperatures.

Next, remember that comfort is key: opt for trainers or any footwear that won’t hurt after an hour of walking around.

Shoes that you can slip on and off in the shoe section to try on new styles are handy, too. 

2. Time your arrival

Prefer shopping solo? Then arrive at an unexpected time. Most malls are open late and their hours are a godsend to those who want to avoid the weekend rush.

Places such as Simon Shopping Destinations are open until 9pm (if not later in the run-up to the holidays), so head to the mall after work when it will be quieter. 

If you’re more of a social shopper, then planning ahead is also key. 

Arrange to meet your friends at a prearranged spot to fuel up – and think the Starbucks on the second floor, rather than by the bottlenecked entrances. 

3. Make use of the Wi-Fi

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To compete with online retail, most malls have upgraded their shopping experience over recent years. 

Long gone are the old malls of yesteryear with their bad lighting and signal blindspots. 

Instead, you can expect enticing, Instagram-worthy décor, soft lighting or LED lights, plush restrooms and Wi-Fi to make it easier for you to navigate your way around the mall.

Simon Shopping Destinations have taken the tech a step further with their Simon App

It features interactive 3D mall maps and a localised store directory so you can plan your route, as well as mall hours, transport options and even local weather updates. 

4. Take totes

Convenience matters when you’re working your way through the mall.

Make your shopping adventure easier by ditching the paper or plastic bags that the sales assistants always offer – bring your own tote bag instead.

Sure, they’re kinder to the environment, but they also do away with flimsy plastic handles either snapping or digging into fingers or shoulders. 

5. Enjoy a pit stop

Regular breaks are the key to a successful shopping expedition. 

Start at one end of the mall, then factor in time for a pit stop for your favourite bite – whether you’re a Shake Shack kind of person or a True Food Kitchen lover. 

Recharge, refuel and then get back to it, exploring the rest of the mall. 

To find your nearest Simon Mall, visit the store locator and bookmark it on your phone. 

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