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6 pairs of sandals to get you in the mood for summer

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After a year of essentially wearing nothing but slippers and fluffy socks (OK, maybe trainers if we were feeling fancy), it’s safe to say we’ve got used to a life of leisure when it comes to our footwear.

So while summer is here and we’re gearing up for long days at the park, cocktails, friends, exploring and, if we’re lucky, maybe even a holiday, we’re not going to be doing so at the expense of our feet.

The new UGG campaign is a celebration of individuality and style with a collection of show-stopping sandals that marry fashion with comfort.

Here are six pairs to consider adding to your wardrobe…

  • 1. The revamped slipper

    Ugg sandals

    If you’re not ready to say goodbye to your slippers just yet, this plush pair of sheepskin sandals are a must-have. 

    Slip this soft pair on and team with a pared-down midi dress to let the rainbow of pinks and oranges do the talking.

  • 2. The all-occasion slides

    Ugg sandals

    The joy of the freedom of summer means you can be in the pub one day and strolling through an outdoor market the next. 

    These versatile slides are the perfect companions to see you through any occasion, with their adjustable strap and contoured footbed meaning you’re not sacrificing comfort. 

  • 3. The statement slip-on

    Ugg sandals

    Statement shoes don’t have to mean torturing your feet into an impossibly shaped pair of heels. 

    These fun tie-dye slip-ons are as comfortable as they are bold, with soft fluff and all-day cushioning to support your feet.

  • 4. The park pair

    Ugg sandals

    Even more so than previous years, this summer is going to be all about the park. 

    This soft, strappy pair are the ideal sandal for long walks around your nearest green space before setting up camp with a picnic.

  • 5. The retro flatforms

    Ugg sandals

    We haven’t hidden away our best clothes during lockdown to go low-key when the world reopens. 

    These retro-style flatforms are the perfect pair to inject some fun and style into your summer wardrobe.

  • 6. The showstoppers

    Ugg sandals

    There’s something inherently summery and feel-good about tie-dye, so why not turn the volume up all the way with these showstoppers? 

    With eye-catching purple and lashings of fluff, this pair is for the extrovert of the group.

UGG is celebrating the wonders of individuality and style with its new ‘Feel You’ campaign shining a light on everything bold, provocative, free-spirited, optimistic and real. Step into summer with a pair of sandals that reflect your own individuality. Shop the range here.

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