This 90s hair trend is on the up – and we’re kind of on board

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Those of us who lived our teenage years through the Nineties might struggle to recall any fashion highs, but pinafore dresses, spaghetti straps and chokers (both velvet and tattoo) are still all over the high street.

And there’s a particular hairstyle trend peaking again as we speak.

Announcing the data as part of its inaugural Style Awards, giving an insight into the style and beauty habits of the UK, Pinterest has revealed that the top hair-related search on the image-sharing website is the humble scrunchie – an Eighties and Nineties fashion stalwart that refuses to fully retire.

While it’s been steadily making a comeback in recent years, more and more people have been pinning Nineties scrunchie hair inspiration of late, making it the number one hairstyle search.

The scrunchie can be styled in a number of ways. How about the messy high ponytail?

scrunchie style 90s

Or the half-up, half-down?

scrunchie trend
scrunchie hair half up idea

There’s the ever-popular Eighties side ponytail:

scrunchie ponytail ideas

And, of course, the many, many buns.

How about this top-knot style?

scrunchie styling ideas hair

Or two buns?

scrunchie two buns hair idea

We quite like the undone bun:

ways to wear scrunchie hair

Or for an elegant take, try the low, sleek bun:

scrunchie low neat bun ideas

To hell with it – make the scrunchie the star of the show with a tiny bun:

scrunchie bun ideas

Or take it back to Saved by the Bell with an abundance of natural curls:

scrunchie saved by the bell style fashion hair

Plus, you could always go for full-on Heathers, a bit of Friends or a touch of Boy Meets World.

With all that inspiration, there’s no reason scrunchies can’t be acceptable again. But if you’re too scarred from the first time round, we don’t blame you…

Images: NBC / Pinterest


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