The case for choosing classic trainers over hype kicks

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Fashion news editor Billie Bhatia argues that classic silhouettes should always be your number one pick…     

To say I have a love affair with classic trainers would be selling them short. 

My collection of more than 50 pairs (I can’t actually bring myself to count) have become more than a part of my wardrobe. 

They’ve become my loyal best friends, forever there to support me and help me navigate life’s ups and downs.

I’ve never been elegant in my dress, never been dainty or super-feminine, but in trainers I’ve found my DNA, my ‘thing’.

As Billie, ‘the trainer girl’, I feel like I’ve finally found my fashion groove, and I’ve quickly amassed a huge collection.

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Put simply, I can’t do without a classic white trainer, whether it’s an old favourite or the newest addition to the adidas Originals family, the Supercourt

And there are multiple reasons I think you can’t do without them either. 

There isn’t a day, occasion or mood that doesn’t warrant wearing a pair - got a day of running to and from a thousand different appointments? No problem, I know just the trainer. 

Need an outfit that’s going to see you through an important work meeting, and a catch up with friends? Classic white is the way to go. 

Fancy birthday dinner that will inevitably end in dancing until 3am? You know what to do… 

The big selling-point for a classic is that they are versatile and discreet, and you can quite literally wear them with everything in your wardrobe.

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Sure, I’ve felt the lure of hype trainers over the years, but the status of owning a pair is probably more desirable than the actual shoe itself. 

What you need to consider when looking at a trainer you’re willing to sacrifice a month’s rent for, is… will you actually wear it?

Bold, often deliberately ugly in design and rarely sleek looking, the hype trainer is a long way from my preferred aesthetic of clean lines and even cleaner uppers. 

You can’t wear them for any given occasion. They won’t suit your every mood, nor go with every item in your wardrobe. 

In my case, they work for Fashion Week, where everyone dresses as a kind of peacocked version of themselves. 

But even then, there would always be a new flavour of the month, a new sneakerhead must-have, a new ‘it’ trainer to make my pair of super-hyped trainers instantly redundant. 

It’s hard to avoid a fad in fashion, and you can quickly get sucked into a vortex of want and desire. 

As someone who has dipped in and out of the vortex (my numerous pairs of hype trainers are still sat in their boxes at the back of my wardrobe) I can say wholeheartedly – put your faith in the classics. 

That one pair of low-key all-whites will see you through all the fads, as their appeal won’t change depending on what’s in and out of fashion. 

You could try every trend going in a single look - from hyper-feminine to laid-back cool - and you can trust your trainers to tie it all together. 

You may still feel the occasional itch for hype trainers, much like the fleeting lust for the latest designer handbag. 

But after you wear those trainers once or carry that bag for the first time, how often do you return to your everyday favourites? 

I can confirm the answer is always. 

A classic tennis-style trainer, with just a touch of on-trend ‘90s chunkiness, the new adidas Supercourt is the latest addition to the adidas Originals stable of classic footwear. Make them your go-to.