Best airport outfit ideas: comfortable flying fashion

Best airport outfit ideas for summer 2022

Jet-setters, rejoice! Plane travel is back on – this is what to wear for those short and long-haul flights to make sure you’re both cool and comfortable. 

After a stop-and-start hiatus thanks to you-know-what, international plane travel is back (if you discount the countless delays and cancellations, that is).

Once you’ve packed your bag, organised your liquids and hand luggage and got yourself a holiday itinerary in place, your attention ought to turn rightfully to the outfit with which you’ll board the plane and spend an undisclosed amount of time defying gravity wearing.

What you wear to fly in is imperative. Planes are severely air-conditioned, they are rarely well-ventilated and the high pressure and altitude can wreak havoc with our bodies, meaning the clothes we wear on them are important to assist in our bodies’ regulation of itself.

The worst thing you can possibly do is wear anything that’s either too tight or too restrictive (your post-flight swollen limbs will prove my point), but you also need to ensure you’re layered enough to keep the air-conditioned chill at bay when it blows its way through the plane. It’s a minefield, but that’s precisely why we’re here. These are the no-fuss airport outfit ideas that are so cool and comfortable, they’re worthy of an upgrade. 

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Jumpsuit and loafers

Best airport outfit ideas: comfortable flying fashion
A jumpsuit and loafers is an airport no-brainer.

The virtues of the humble all-in-one jumpsuit have been extolled at large since their conception, but you may have overlooked them in the aviation fashion department, despite their blatant and comfortable appeal.

Ensure to opt for either cotton, cashmere or linen jumpsuits to ensure ventilation – which is a key during flying – and simply slip on a pair of loafers, which will enable your feet to stay comfortable and cause minimal put-them-on-and-take-them-off havoc mid-flight. 

Tracksuit and trainers

Best airport outfit ideas: comfortable flying fashion
Tracksuits are the most comfortable of airport outfits.

The airport no-brainer comes by way of tracksuits and trainers, which are a favourite for frequent flyers because it means not having to cram a load of chunky fleece-lined pieces into a teeny-tiny suitcase. If a head-to-toe branded tracksuit doesn’t scratch your aviation style itch, then try a pair of wide-legged tracksuit bottoms with a crisp T-shirt instead. Remember that on any flight, comfort is king and there’s none more regal than a tracksuit. 

Breezy dress and padded sandals

Best airport outfit ideas: comfortable flying fashion
There's nothing comfier on a flight than an easy dress.

The perfect two-piece for any travel journey, whether it’s by plane, car, train or any other form of transport, is, of course, the humble breezy dress-and-sandals combination. The style of dress that will truly make dressing for the airport a total breeze is a trapeze dress, which enables the body to breathe and ventilate itself, and sandals, which make your transition to hot weather a dream once you’ve touched down.

Cycling shorts and trainers

Best airport outfit ideas: comfortable flying fashion
Stretchy and breathable fabrics are the best for in-flight fashions.

There’s nothing worse than feeling waistbands digging and slicing into skin on a plane, while knowing that you have T-10 hours until you can suitably adjust your outfit and change. The solution to these woes comes in the form of elasticated wares.

The style set’s stretchy item of choice are cycling shorts and slouchy XXL jumpers, which make for a comfortable pyjama-esque feeling that doesn’t scrimp on style. 

Wrap skirt and Birkenstocks

Best airport outfit ideas: comfortable flying fashion
Birkenstocks are perfect for keeping feet cool and comfortable during flights.

The humble wrap skirt needn’t be reserved solely for dressed-up occasions. Instead, try wearing yours with a crisp cotton T-shirt and an easy-peasy pair of Birkenstocks for an easy in-flight ensemble. 

The ease of the skirt will mean you’re enabled to stay comfortable without compromising on style, while the sandals will be perfect for stepping off the plane in warmer climes, meaning minimal adjustment is needed. 

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