American Apparel returns to the UK and brings back all the nostalgia

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Billie Bhatia
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It goes without question that before they shut their UK stores, American Apparel had well and truly hit cult status, and by the looks of things they are ready to get back on form. 

When I think of American Apparel, I think of Leeds University students’ union circa 2010. Specific, I know. Every day, students dressed almost identically to one another, life was a sea of multi-coloured zip-up hoodies with the drawstrings tied in a bow across the neck and more slick-to-the-leg Disco pants than I care to remember.

American Apparel wasn’t just a look, it was a lifestyle, and if you bought into it you were one of the cool kids. You lived in Hyde Park, you went to Mint on a Tuesday (before it got shut down), your hair was constantly in a messy top-knot, you had the Disco pants in full-length trousers and shorts, the first coloured hoodie you bought was burgundy and if it didn’t have at least one cigarette burn on it, you weren’t wearing it right. It was a look. 

Now American Apparel has relaunched as an online-only platform stocking only the brand’s best-selling basics (Disco pants and hoodies included) and this time with a very Gen Z fronted campaign, focusing on body positivity and diversity. 

“We have deep love for our European customers, who really love and get the brand’s sense of humour and irreverent nature,” says Sabina Weber, director of brand marketing at American Apparel.  “They also know the quality and timeless, effortless styles that we offer, and they miss having those pieces in their closets.” 

Whether it’s a body suit, the perfect white T-shirt, those leg warmers you insisted were a thing (FYI, they aren’t), or a killer pair of high-waisted jeans, we could all do with some easy wardrobe fillers from those that did it best.