7 stylish beaded bags that are perfect for any occasion

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Susan Devaney
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From wood to metallic, beaded bags of a Sixties vibe are everywhere this season…

At first glance, a beaded bag may seem slightly impractical. They’re usually quite small and built with a structure that gives no room for a bulky book on the commute. But, practicalities aside, they’re so cool that they can’t fail to enhance any ensemble.

Not only do they give a sartorial nod to the swinging Sixties, but these micro beaded bags come in an array of designs, a playful colour palette and a long-lasting vintage appeal. 

Here are some of the best beaded bags out there right now, that’ll act as the ideal accompaniment to any outfit from this season into the next. 



Antonia beaded cream bag, £450, Shrimps 


Metallic beaded bag, £29, Topshop 

Susan Alexandra 

The Janie bag, $315 (£242), Susan Alexandra


Beaded tote bag, £9.99, Zara



Beaded bag, £59.99, Mango


Beaded mini bucket bag, £39.99, Zara 

Sensi Studio 

Mini leopard-print beaded-fringe bucket bag, £295,

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