Bright blazers are here to uplift winter outfits (and your mood)

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A bright, bold blazer is the answer to making any winter outfit instantly more exciting.

Lockdown 3.0 needs some positive vibes to brighten up the dark, wintry days and this is where bright, bold blazers come into play. Wear the rainbow (one colour a time) with a statement-making hero item that’ll never let you down in the outfit department. 

The blazer is one of those key items that can be found on every runway, each and every season no matter the year. Making any outfit – from jeans and a T-shirt to a midi dress or skirt – look instantly more polished. They even make laid-back joggers and trainers look more luxe. 

Street style wearing bright blazers
Proving a bright blazer will uplift any outfit

It’s easy to rely on darker colours during the colder months but why save all the fun shades for summer? Injecting bright colours into your everyday outfit is a simple way to feel slightly more joyful, so embrace it.

One of the best features of the blazer? It manages to make any outfit appear more pulled together, gives the illusion you’ve put serious thought into your look (with minimal effort), and always looks chic. Add to this a splash of colour and you get a fail-safe combination. 

Whichever colour you choose, we’ve created a rainbow of blazers (from red to violet) for you to scroll through. Keep going until the end to reach the pot of gold. 

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