27 brilliant (and affordable) stocking fillers for your most fashionable friends and family

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From Mulberry chocolates to freshwater pearls, these stocking filler gifts are both brilliant and within budget. 

The dream: You’ve got the bulk of your Christmas shopping out of the way now. In fact, it’s actually sitting in neatly wrapped brown paper piles under your colour-coordinated tree. Name tags have been scribed in the most beautiful handwriting (those calligraphy pens from last Christmas really came in handy), and the bows have been tied with such precision you could pass as a Christmas elf. All that’s left now is little bits like filling the personalised stockings (that you have lovingly hand-embroidered for every member of your family). 

The reality: You’re still to do 90% of your Christmas shopping. But what you have done is still sitting inside a brown box in your living room because wrapping can only be done on Christmas Eve. You’ve put off your shopping not because Christmas is cancelled – in fact, much the opposite, the festive season is alive and kicking – it’s just finding the perfect stocking filler present takes time and effort.

Well, we are doing the hard work for you this year by bringing together the best stocking filler gifts from cashmere beanies to silk eye masks and everything in between. 

Sit back and add to basket. 

Images: Courtesy of brands 

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