Chunky gold hoop earrings have become the go-to accessory, here's the chicest ones to shop now

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Chunky gold hoop earrings have become a style staple, just ask two Stylist staffers. So, we have rounded up the most chic investment earrings to buy now and wear forever. 

If there has been one thing I have consistently worn over the past few months, it has been a pair of chunky gold hoop earrings. To put this into context, I have worn these hoops even more consistently than I have worn a bra. My earrings of choice have been Daphine’s Oli hoops – small boat-shaped earrings that are nicely weighted and provide just the right amount of chunk.     

Hoop earrings have become a standard staple in our wardrobe of accessories. They are easy to wear and they add an instant glamour and sophistication to the most pared-back of looks. But it’s the gold hoop’s fun cousin, the chunky gold hoop, that has really stolen the hearts of industry insiders. 

Just ask fellow chunky gold hoop enthusiast, and Stylist’s deputy digital editor Jazmin Kopotsha, “You’ll rarely find me with out a pair of chunky hoops dangling from my ears; only ever in gold, though, but the size and width will vary depending on my outfit and vibe. They’re the one accessory that no matter where I’m going or what I’m wearing, make me feel like me - which is a pretty difficult thing to come by when you consider yourself to be a bit of a style chameleon (a polite way to say I’m pretty inconsistent and wayward in my dress sense).”

“I’ve been wearing them since my early teens, but also love that they’re seeped in a cultural history that dates way back thousands of years, not to mention their prevalence in the Black Power movement of the 60s, the 70s disco era and 80s and 90s hip hop. My favourite pair at the moment are these Missoma ones but I classically lost one in my bedroom a couple of weeks ago and am yet to find it. Although I already have seven other pairs on rotation, I owe it to the world to admit that I’ll probably (definitely) buy another pair very soon.” 

Whether it’s a twisted chunky hoop, an embellished option or just a simple thick gold pair, we’ve rounded up our favourite options to add to any outfit now and forever.      

  • Missoma

    Missoma beaded hoop earrings
    Best chunky hoop earrings: Missoma

    Taking inspiration from Colombia, the Baya textured hoop earrings add some uplifting shine to any outfit. With their light-reflecting  finish, these hoops are designed to gently hug the ear lobe and elevate any outfit. 

    Shop earrings, £98, Missoma

  • Otiumberg

    Otiumberg twisted hoop earrings
    Best chunky hoop earrings: Otiumberg

    Founded in 2016 by sister Christie and Rosanna Wollenberg, Otiumberg has become the go-to brand for industry insiders who want contemporary classics, like these twisted chunky hoops. 

    Shop earrings, £120, Otiumberg 

  • Bottega Veneta

    Bottega Veneta
    Best chunky hoop earrings: Bottega Veneta

    When Daniel Lee took over the Italian house as creative director, Bottega Veneta got a reboot. Since then its the brand accessories that have reached stratospheric heights including that pouch bag. This season, it’s all about these chunky hoops. Pair yours with a simple black dress for ultimate sophistication. 

    Shop earrings, £345, Bottega Veneta 

  • PD Paola

    PD Paola triple hoop earring
    Best chunky hoop earrings: PD Paola

    When one chunky hoop earring just won’t do, add three. PD Paola’s structural take on the trend will add the right amount of fashion drama to your summer throw-on dress. 

    Shop earrings, £52, PD Paola 

  • Alighieri

    Alighieri twisted hoop earrings
    Best chunky hoop earrings: Alighieri

    Winner of the Queen Elizabeth II Design Award, Alighieri’s jewellery is centred on story telling. Inspired by Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, the collection continues to have a feeling of antiquity about the pieces, including these woven hoops. 

    Shop earrings, £230, Alighieri 

  • Maria Black

    Maria Black
    Best chunky hoop earrings: Maria Black

    When it comes to hoops Danish designer Maria Black knows a thing or two. With a whole host of hoop offering on her website, ranging from huggies to thicker shapes there is something for everyone. We’ll be adding this pair into our accessories arsenal. 

    Shop earrings, £173, Maria Black 

  • Roxanne First

    Roxanne First large twisted hoop earrings
    Best chunky hoop earrings: Roxanne First

    Insider favourite Roxanne First gives her chunky gold hoops an 80s retro vibe. Wear yours with a white T-shirt and high-waisted jeans for maximum retro impact. 

    Shop earrings, £310, Roxanne First

  • Paola Vilas

    Paola Vilas chunky hoops
    Best chunky hoop earrings: Paola Vilas

    Brazilian born jewellery designer, Paola Vilas created her eponymous jewellery line with an idea to create wearable sculptures inspired by modernist references and feminine forms. These chunky gold hoops have a female figure sculpted into one earring and engraved into the other. 

    Shop earrings, £346, Paolas Vilas

  • Completed Works

    Completed Works twisted gold hoop
    Best chunky hoop earrings: Completed Works

    Completed works’ designer and art director Anna Jewsbury takes inspiration from the raw forms of the natural world showcased through the twisted, rope-like shape of these gold-vermeil earrings. Wear yours with a floral summer dress and simple sandals for an effortless look. 

    Shop earrings, £210, Completed Works 

Images: Courtesy of brands / Instagram 

Lead image: Missoma 

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